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Fix-It Season – ‘Get Your Car Road Trip Ready’

By Sam Young

Tue Mar 13 2018

This holiday season, whether you’re heading interstate or simply going a few hours north or south, make sure your car is Road Trip Ready

Leon Saliba, Co-Founder of Sparesbox, says this is a vital time of year to get your car road trip ready and get in before the holidays are upon families!

“There are infinite online videos which are great for empowering drivers with ‘how to,’ it’s also important for drivers to understand why it’s crucial to prep their car – this knowledge makes you think twice about overlooking the basics that could potentially ruin your holiday!”

Sparesbox is Australia’s largest online automotive store, meaning we have what you need, at the best price possible to ensure that you can get ‘Road Trip Ready’ no matter your plans!

The Sparesbox team of car experts recommend the following:


Road Trip Ready – Tyre Checks

Tyres checks are the best way to ensure you and your family will be safe this Road Trip season. “When your tyre pressure is too low it creates more friction, which requires more fuel; on a long road trip, this adds up to more money dropped on petrol station fill-ups”, says Saliba.

“Double check your back-tyre pressure, particularly if you have a front-wheel drive. You are more likely to notice if your front tyres are low as your car steering is connected to them, the back tyres are effectively dragged by the front, so it’s harder to detect when they’re low.”

Another important tip to remember when checking your tyre pressure is that a cold reading is less accurate than a hot pressure reading! “Don’t check your tyres after you’ve been driving for a while, it can alter the reading by up to 10%. A good time is first thing in the morning at a petrol station close to your home.”

Road Trip brakes


Road Trip Ready – Wiper Check

Your car’s wiper blades are easily damaged in the elements, especially after the summer heat. If you haven’t had rain in a while, it is certainly worth checking them to avoid being caught out next time you need them! “You will quickly realise when your vision is impaired by a smudged windscreen that you should have changed your wipers or topped up your washer fluid.”

The Sparesbox fitment tool ensures that even if you’re unsure which wiper blades fit your car, you’ll be able to be sure you’re buying the right wipers and get them delivered to your door, quickly!

road trip drive


Road Trip Ready – Engine Oil  

Engine Oil is one of the most vital fluids in your vehicle. Keeping engine parts lubricated and ensuring that your engine runs flawlessly in every driving condition. “In the same was as you go to the dentist annually but brush your teeth daily, you should expect to service your car annually and top-up your engine oil regularly – think of it as brushing your teeth.”

Low engine oil levels put unnecessary stress and wear and tear on the engine, “it will end up leading to a root canal of a service which could have been prevented with a regular oil top-up!” says Saliba.

road trip engine check


Road Trip Ready – Brakes

It’s a well-known to fact to every driver that brakes are one of the most important components of any car for the obvious safety reasons, you know if they’re working or not.

“Brakes are a hydraulic system and due to different environmental factors and over time, brake fluid levels deteriorate, it’s worth checking to see the last time your brake fluid was changed before going on a long trip”

You should be able to see this information in your vehicles logbook service report.

road trip tyre


Road Trip Ready – Service Your Car

Last, but certainly not least, make sure your car is up to date with scheduled servicing before you hit the open road this summer.

If your car needs more than just some basic mechanic checks, your best bet is to call in the big guns and get a qualified mechanic to service the car. Knowing what needs to be done before dropping your car off for a service is the key to eliminating nasty surprises when it comes time to pay however can’t always be avoided if mechanical knowledge isn’t your forte!

Sparesbox Co-Founder Leon Saliba concedes that car servicing is one of the final frontiers that consumers are still overcoming when it comes to dark arts and rip off artists.

“There is a lack of transparency in that market about what parts really cost and various other things related to what work might need to be done. We are part of the emerging ‘do it for me’ market, we are using technology to demystify the process and provide parts that are suitable for vehicles at a reasonable price.”

Sparesbox’ Expert Mobile Mechanic Service is a convenient and cost-effective way to service your car and, best of all, it won’t affect your vehicles new car warranty.

road trip maintenance


Sparesbox is here to ensure that this fix-it season, you and your family are ready to hit the open road safely with everything you need available today!



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