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GFB: Beware Counterfeit Parts!

By Peter Mackinnon

Fri Mar 04 2016

Our friends over at GFB are specialists in producing quality components to improve the performance of your car. The Sydney-based team put hours of engineering and design into every product they make in order to reach the highest possible standards. No doubt about it, GFB are certified Australian quality, and that is why Spares Box insist on having them on board.

Achieving consistent quality isn’t easy of course, and one of the problems that comes with earning a reputation for excellence is that you are liable to be copied. GFB have released a statement warning that counterfeit parts are being advertised under the GFB logo online, most commonly the DV+.

It’s easy to be tempted by the price point of products that claim to be the real deal of course, especially when sold at the same price as a certified GFB item. Of course, selling at roughly the MSRP doesn’t make the product the genuine article, it just makes it harder to filter out the obvious rip-offs.

The problem with these counterfeits isn’t just that they are useless, but they’re potentially damaging. GFB have been hard at work testing a number of these forgeries, and the results are damning. With the DV+, its operation and reliability are critical. With the copies, they’re a million miles away from achieving impressive results.

Don't get stung by a faulty piston face seal.
Don’t get stung by a faulty piston face seal.

Some counterfeits won’t so much as bolt on to the car in the first place. Others will, but won’t achieve much more. GFB’s results show that lack tolerance and surface finish of the piston, and bonding of the face seal. These are absolutely vital to correct function. If the tolerances aren’t right, boost leaking and jamming will happen. If the piston face seal (pictured above) lets go, it will go straight through the turbocharger.

The bad news for you is that it’s impossible to know if a copy is a copy from pictures alone – these items have been branded using official GFB photos, instructions and logos. Of course, by the time you open the box to see a hugely inferior product in comparison to the real deal, it’s probably too late. No scammer is going to reply to a complaint.

The only way to avoid throwing your money into a black hole is to use an authorised dealer, so for peace of mind shop with Spares Box. Of course, if you have doubts about a seller, contact GFB to confirm their authenticity. It’s always best to use approved suppliers, and Spares Box are proud to be one of them.