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The Gear: Go Further (and Faster) with Mach 2 by GFB

By Kristen Garland

Wed Apr 08 2015

If you’re into your motors, you’re probably into your mods – and when it comes to spending time and money on those modifications, getting the best performance for your efforts is most likely pinnacle.

Proud Aussie automotive specialists GFB (a.k.a. GO FASTER BITS) know a few things about getting the most from your motor, and with over 35 years under their collective belt, their products are anything but mediocre.


Introducing the mighty Mach 2

By utlising proven TMS technology and years of engineering know how, GFB has developed the Mach 2 range– a series of easy to fit bolt-on kits that help return an engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than your bog standard factory diverter.

When GFB say bolt-on, they mean it! These kits are not only designed to fit the most popular turbo models; there is absolutely no need for any special adaptors, parts or special modifications – simply remove your factory bypass valve and replace it with the Mach 2.

In a nutshell, the GFB Mach 2 is far superior than the tired old factory bypass valves of yesteryear and they offer a sensational level of increased engine performance and maximum throttle response without the hassle, or the noise (though there is an optional atmospheric venting adaptor if your craving the BOV whoosh….).

GO FASTER BITS are highly respected in the automotive world for two main reasons: bundles of engineering expertise and unrivalled passion for motoring. The Mach 2 range is nothing short of a triumph and it just goes to show, in this day and age, you really don’t have to pull your car apart to make those satisfying personal improvements.


This range has plenty to offer all keen petrol heads – so check out our fine selection of GFB Mach 2 products and give your motor the boost that it needs.