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What Happens When You Let Two Grannies Loose in a Lamborghini

By Brad Nash

Tue Mar 08 2016

Youtube is awash with Grandmas being put in circumstances out of their comfort zone for our entertainment. Whether it’s puffing on a little bit of wacky-baccy for the first time, or in this case going for a series of cruises in a 600hp Lamborghini Murcielago, nothing warms the cockles of our hearts quite like seeing pensioners doing extreme things.

Now, thanks to the good folks over at Donut Media, you have the chance to watch just that. The second one, we mean. We’d never advocate drug use. Never. Just say no, kids.

You may remember the first time Donut put some lovely ladies in a Lambo, but if you haven’t, you can check it out below. With the Formula Drift driver Cory Hesford at the wheel, it’s actually incredibly touching as they go for the ride of their lives. Speed is such a simple thrill, but it’s also such a pure one.


Now though, Donut have gone one better, giving two very lucky women the chance to drive a car that most of us won’t even get to see in our lifetimes. Where do they take it? To the shops. Go figure.

“You call it Lambo, I call it Ghini.” Need we say more?