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Beginners Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour

By Liam Ridings

Wed Jan 17 2018

As the name suggests, the Bathurst 12-Hour is an endurance motorsport racing event that lasts for… you guessed it, twelve hours. In other words, you’re getting the square root of bugger all done once you park yourself on the couch for Australia’s most exotic motorsport event. Which means that watching the Bathurst 12-Hour (sponsored by Liqui-Moly) is going to take several weeks about a half an hour of planning and preparation

You don’t have long left to prepare, but don’t fret, as motorsport fans, the Sparesbox team have pulled some late nights to compile a Beginners Guide to spectating the 2018 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12-Hour.


Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour: Sustenance

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Endurance motorsport spectating isn’t for the faint hearted, so, for all you newcomers out there, let’s start with some basics. Mount Panorama is one of the most arduous racing circuits in the world, all those trips up and down the mountain will take it out of you, so you’re going to need to stay well fed and hydrated.

An ill-timed trip to the fridge could mean the difference between seeing Shane van Gisbergen putting his million-dollar Mercedes-Benz into a wall and spending the next 15 minutes saying, “wait, what happened to the other bloke!?”. Don’t be reckless, set up a bar fridge in advance.

Already have a mini-fridge? Then you’re golden. Turn your once-standard cooler into a kegerator that commands the respect you deserve. Why would you fill your fridge with boring stuff like food and standard beverages when you can smash a keg into it? Keep cool all day long with this alternative approach to drinking in front of a TV. Take that, society!

The other option is you could get some chips, dips, and a crate of beer in. A fridge isn’t just for Bathurst after all. Some things are best left to the traditionalist, right?


Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour: Fitness, Fitness, Fitness

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Despite sitting on their rear end for hours at a time, endurance motorsport drivers are some of the fittest athletes on the planet. How do we know they’re so fit? Because, despite their aversion to human contact for long periods, they’re not afraid to let anyone in earshot know just how tough their job is.

But spare a thought for the layman- sitting on the couch for twelve consecutive hours is gruelling work. You don’t have much time left to prepare, but, with a little ingenuity, you can have your body Bathurst-spectator-ready in just a few weeks.

Australian F1 legend Mark Webber chooses mountain biking, long distance running and rigorous cardio weights to prepare for racing. But that all sounds like a bit of a bother, so let’s do an abridged version on the Webber routine.


Gym Clothes

Sure, you’re not actually exercising and you’re probably not going to the gym anytime soon, but one survey conducted in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs found that 84% of respondents felt fitter after chucking on some moisture wicking active wear.

We spoke to one Bondi resident, Zane (24), a self-confessed social media influencer who said that wearing gym clothes has significantly helped his overall fitness; “I’ve never actually exercised in these clothes, but I’ve really noticed an upturn in my cardio capacity since wearing them- plus my barista reckons I’m a PT, which is pretty cool”.

In addition to providing superior moisture wicking during those hair-raising moments around the mountain, Gym Clothes are pretty much purpose built for keeping you cool during long stints on the couch.


Follow Some Fit People on Social Media

It’ll probably make you feel pretty-terrible about some of your life choices to begin with, but think of it as fitness by osmosis. Not only is there osmosis, laborious scrolling is proven to burn upwards of 10cal an hour- better than a kick in the guts!


Drink Plenty of Water

This precious clear liquid takes up room in your stomach that would otherwise be occupied by Beer, Dip, or Chips, which means you’re not going to be able to fit as much of the other stuff in. It’s called science… so drink up.


Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour: Posture


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Ever sat through an endurance race only to realise you’ve spent dawn till dusk slumped over like Quasimodo? Try not to do that this time. Sparesbox‘ understands that this is easier said than done when Lowndes breezes past Bamber on Hell Corner, but we’re here to look out for you. That’s why we’re being proactive.

Let’s be honest, you aren’t all going to fit on the sofa. Take in the race with that sweet smell of rubber normally only experienced at Bathurst. If you have any spare tyres rolling around, turn them into chairs. What else? With this ingenious aftermarket modification, you and your mates will feel as close to the action as the folks at Mount Panorama. Maybe save your Bridgestone’s for the road, but your budget rubber can handle a beer splash or two.

Failing that, you can invest in a back support or cushion that provides comfort and peace of mind. Sparesbox offers a vast range of materials and colours – if you’re worried it might compromise your mancave’s interior design! Throw it over your seat and your spine will thank you for the rest of your days. Good times.


Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour: Viewing Apparatus

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Ever heard the saying, “A tradesman is only as good as his tools”? Yeah, well, same principle applies here. Your ability to engross yourself in twelve hours of endurance racing is directly proportional to the size of your tools… so to speak.

32-inch, 42-inch, 80-inch, LED, LCD, LED-LCD, OLED- where does it end? They’re probably all fine and perfectly adequate options. But do you think Van Gisbergen was striving for “adequate” when he put his AMG GT3 into the wall in 2017? I think not. Striving for excellence starts with a projector and the biggest white bed sheet in the house. Garbage bag those windows, setup the soundbar and give yourself the most immersive Bathurst 12-Hour experience shy of riding shotgun with Whincup.