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Mod Monday — Hamish's Ford Ranger

By Mitch Babbs

Mon Nov 11 2019

Mod Monday’s back, and with it comes a chance to highlight another Sparesbox staff build. This week’s homegrown hero is Hamish, a name and voice you might recognise if you’ve ever called the Customer Experience line in need of assistance. Sitting in the Melbourne office, Hamish has been with Sparesbox for 6 months and spends his spare time keeping swimmers safe with Surf Life Saving Australia or camping with his mates. And when those things don’t keep him busy enough, he’s playing around with Willie.

Before you get any funny ideas, Willie is the name of his pearler of a Ford Ranger, kitted out for exactly what Hamish enjoys most: getting out of the big smoke for the weekend and escaping the rigours of city life. Before we bounce a few questions off him, here’s his list of modifications:

  • ARB Summit Bull Bar
  • 1 x GME TX350 UHF
  • 2-inch lift with 300kg constant load rear leaf spring
  • Home built steel tray with central locking toolbox
  • Slide-out drawer with timber blackbutt deck
  • BFG KO2 265/65/18
  • Black Duck Canvas Seat Covers
  • Rear airbags
  • Custom Jack off canopy
  • Redarc 1225D BCDC charger
  • Adventure Kings 1500w inverter
  • Cig+USB sockets
  • Nespresso coffee machine

Not hard to tell you’re a Melburnian with that Nespresso coffee machine installed. What kind of budget have you been working with?

“It’s been reasonably tight actually. Most things have been purchased either second-hand, from friends, or brought over from my previous vehicle.”

Working with a budget like you have, have you ever had any issues with it?

“Not as a result of any of my own work. It’s been recalled twice: once last year for the diesel particulate filter heat shield, and once earlier this year for an issue with the front brake line.”

Never a good time having your Willie recalled, but better safe than sorry.

“You had to go there.”

I did. What made you build up your ride the way you have?

“I love camping and getting out with friends, but didn’t want to sacrifice versatility. So my goal was to make the vehicle more comfortable for getting out of town while still ensuring it could do what I needed it to in the city.”

What else do you have planned for it? What’s your vision?

“A few quality of life improvements, a couple of function-first things. STEDI Type X Pro lights would be great, another UHF for work, some roof racks, a tune up, and potentially a larger fuel tank.”

Great stuff, I know a website where you can get the parts you’re looking for. Anything else to add for the people out there eyeing your ride with envy?

“Do not touch Willie.”

Good advice.