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Hayman Reese Towbar – Shop Hayman Reese with Sparesbox

By Liam Ridings

Tue Jan 15 2019

The most important thing to consider when deciding which Hayman Reese towbar is right for you is just how much weight you are likely to be towing. For example, if you know that you’ll never be towing a caravan or RV, but you might need to tow a trailer, then your tow bar requirements are going to differ.


How to Choose the Right Hayman Reese Towbar

One of the most common mistakes that happen when people are fitting a towbar to a vehicle is that they fail to accommodate for the total weight. It’s not uncommon for body work to be ripped away or damaged during towing which can lead to costly, unwanted repairs.

It goes without saying, towing in Australia is an exercise in patience. In 1998 the Ministers of Transport penned the Australian towing laws. The laws surrounding any motor vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass, G.V.M, exceeding 4.5 tonnes is very specific. The laws state that before towing ant trailer with a mass (this includes ANY load), that exceeds the recognised capacity of any towing equipment fitted to the vehicle. The total load must also not exceed the maximum mass which has been specified by the manufacturer.

First and foremost, before towing anything, you need to consider that the Hayman Reese Towbar that you have purchased is suitable for use on your vehicle.

Hayman Reese are towing legends in Australia. They have been designing, engineering and manufacturing towbars to suit Australian drivers and Australian conditions for more than 65 years. The Hayman Reese towbar range is comprehensive to say the least. Towbars should be selected with intended purpose and vehicle towing capacity in mind.


Hayman Reese Towbar Range

Hayman Reese Light Duty Towbars (Class 2)

Hayman Reese Light Duty Towbar

Rated to 1200kg, the Hayman Reese Light Duty towbar range is a well-engineered solution for vehicles towing and mounting bike racks. The class 2 towbar range is designed for easy installation and consistent performance in Australian driving and road conditions.

The Hayman Reese Class 2 towbar range have an industry leading ball-mounted tongue that is made from thicker high-grade steel compared to competitors. Class 2 towbars also feature a bolt-on tongue that attaches to the cross member using two bolts.


Hayman Reese Medium Duty Towbars (Class 3)

Hayman Reese Medium Duty Towbar

Hayman Reese medium duty (class 3) towbars are a step up in performance and features. The Medium duty range allows for 1600kg of towing and feature a 40mmx40mm square hitch receiver and a detachable trailer ball mount. This means that when you’re not towing, you can simple remove the retaining clip and hitch pin and the trailer ball mount slides right out – easy!

Like the entire Hayman Reese towbar range, the medium duty range is designed to work with the Hayman Reese mini distribution kits and intermediate weight distribution kits that provide better handling and greater control across all driving conditions.


Hayman Reese Heavy Duty Towbars (Class 4)

Hayman Reese Heavy Duty Towbar

Hayman Reese heavy duty Class 4 towbars set the industry standard for 50x40mm square hitch receivers. Class 4 towbars are suitable for use when towing caravans, boats, horse floats and large trailers. 

Like the Hayman Reese heavy duty Towbar range, the Class 4 also allows the user to seamlessly detach the ball mount when you are not using it. Simply remove the retaining clip and hitch pin and the trailer ball mount will slide right out.


Hayman Reese Hitch Lamp Protector Towbar

Hayman Reese Hitch Lamp Protector Towbar

The Hayman Reese hitch lamp protector towbar range is designed to protect the rear body and lamp of commercial vehicles while also providing heavy duty towing capacity. The Hitch Lamp protector range is ideal for users who use their commercial vehicle to tow heavy trailers. The TBM range can also be removed when they are not in use.


Why Choose a Hayman Reese Towbar?

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Tow ball and Rated D shackles
  • Plug and play wiring (vehicle specific) with Smart Click technology
  • Every Hayman Reese Towbar is designed specifically for each vehicle. They are tested under static and dynamic towing conditions.
  • Hayman Reese Towbars are fully compliant with ADR regulations and exceed AS4117 Specifications
  • Hayman Reese Towbars are proudly Australian made and manufactured


Why Shop Hayman Reese Towbar at Sparesbox?

Still not sure which Hayman Reese Towbar to choose? Sparesbox is proud to offer an Australian customer service team that is just as passionate about cars as you. Our customer service team features performance enthusiasts and 4×4 enthusiasts who can answer your most vexing 4×4 questions. Our Australian customer service team will find the right Hayman Reese towbar for your vehicle.