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How do I Repair Scratches in My Paintwork?

By Brad Nash

Mon Aug 10 2015

There are 4 levels that make up the paintwork of your car. Deeper scratches can penetrate these levels, requiring more work and different products, so be sure to consult with a car care expert to know what your best course of action.

Image: Auto Glym


Level 1 – Everyday use, along with all the dust and grit brushing past the car that comes with it, can cause extremely fine surface scratches. A good car wash and a standard car polish will fix these up in no time.


Level 2 – You’ve reached the colour, which is where some of the more lasting damage can be done. Rest assured though that these can be restored if they’re not too big. Sometimes a more intense, resin-based polish will be sufficient, if this does not work, a paint renovator may be required. Apply this, allow it to dry, and then finish it off with another layer of polish and a wax to prevent any more damage.


Level 3 – Unfortunately, hitting the primer is where you’re going to start needing touch-ups. We recommend a lick of paint (applied by a professional) followed by a good polish to finish it off when dry.


Level 4 – A metal scratch requires a professional touch, every time. Once it’s fixed up, make sure you’re taking the best care of your paintwork that you can, with regular polishing and waxing.