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DIY: How to Change your Wiper Blades

By Brad Nash

Tue Jun 16 2015

Here at Sparesbox, we’ve decided to cut out all of the complexity that comes with basic bits of car maintenance. With most modern cars, many things that look complicated are actually as simple as the push of a button or unscrewing a couple of bolts.


We feel it’s our duty to give you the know how to get these things done quickly and easily. Plus we really wanted an excuse to get our new YouTube channel up and running.


Case and point number 1, changing your wiper blades. If you happen to need some new wiper blades and don’t want to be stuck with a crappy refill, you can shop our premium range of wiper blades here.


When replacing your wiper blades, be sure to check out our Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash, which is the perfect accompaniment to a fresh set of blades in keeping your vision crystal clear.


Featured Image: BOSCH