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How to choose the right Airbags for your Vehicle

By Brad Nash

Thu Jul 23 2015

Finding the right balance between comfort, handling and off-road performance is key to picking your perfect suspension set-up. Airbag suspension is designed to meet many of the requirements of those looking for an upgrade in either comfort or towing capacity, and Spares Box is here to guide you through the different set ups available, thanks to Airbag Man.


Spring Helper Airbags

Image: Airbag Man


Spring helper airbags offer the best of both worlds when it comes to suspension. Working in conjunction with a conventional spring coiled around the airbag, they offer both partially improved ride quality, as well as increased load management for towing and carrying heavy weight. They also feature the adjustability and customisation that airbag suspension has become associated with, enabling you to increase the pressure for heavy loads, and deflate the airbags for lower weights.

Spring helpers feature a great variety and adaptability of parts, and can be placed within your coils, put to the side of your springs as standalone helpers, or installed as a bellow it on vehicles with leaf springs as well.


High Pressure Spring Helper Airbags

These airbags share the same great qualities as general spring helper kits, but have a heavy duty protective sleeve which enable them to operate at up to double the pressure of standard airbags. This means you can carry heavier loads for longer, in some cases negating the need for you to install harsh heavy duty springs. As with all suspension though, there is always a trade off between ride quality and the weight it can carry, and while these will provide a more stable ride under pressure, they won’t be quite as soft as you’d get from a traditional airbag set up (if inflated to a high pressure).

If you’re carrying moderate loads though (up to around 250kg), these present a great alternative to installing heavy duty springs.


Full Coil Replacement Airbags

Image: Airbag Man

Replacement kits are complete suspension overhauls for your car. Replacing the entire coil and the mountsthat come along with it, they offer the greatest level of ride height customisability and relative comfort that it’s possible to get out of a heavy-load suspension system. They’re great for controlling your car’s levelling, providing you with unrivalled control over your ride height, towing and loading capacity.

Replacement kits are often fully customisable in terms of ride height without even having to leave your car, either adjustable from the dashboard or, in the case of some systems, even able to be controlled from your smartphone. Keep in mind that some systems can compromise the road-worthiness of your vehicle so you’ll need to check with your state road authority.


Finding the balance you need between ride height and pulling power is the key to getting the perfect suspension system for your requirements. To take a further look at how airbag suspension works, take a look here, and if you’re still tossing up between an airbag or a traditional coil system, check out the pros and cons here.