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How to Get the Most from Your Windscreen Wipers

By Kristen Garland

Tue Apr 28 2015

Whether you’re cruising the coast on a leisurely Sunday, or embarking on a gruelling cross-country drive, well maintained windscreen wipers are vital. Basically, if they’re worn down, they’re dangerous.


Did you know…


When driving, you must have a clear unobstructed view of the road – so make sure you change your wipers regularly: every six months or 10,000km to be precise.


What will affect the performance of my window wipers?

There are many factors that will diminish the ability of your windscreen wipers. Here are a few of them…

● Sunlight
● Oil
● Dirt and airborne contaminants
● Hot or freezing weather that warps the rubber


What are the symptoms of worn down wipers?

  • Streaks of water on the windscreen
  • Unwiped areas of the windscreen (caused by low wiper pressure)
  • Wipers juddering across the windscreen
  • Smeared water across the windscreen – wiper refills need replacing


How to change your windscreen wipers

Now you know what causes potential problems to windscreen wipers, here are a few tips on how to replace them…


What you need:


For steps on how to replace a common hook type Wiper Blade, watch the video below:



For real performance…

Aero Twin from Bosch offers an innovative design for longer life and better performance than traditional wiper blades. Their integrated Aerowind spoiler design creates maximum blade downforce for consistent streak-free performance, even during high speeds or severe weather conditions.

In addition to their long shelf life and powerful wiping capabilities, the Bosch Aero Twin boasts easy installation and smooth, quiet operation due to their fully synthetic twin rubber technology – basically everything you could ever want from a windscreen wiper.


So if you’re sick of having faulty wipers and a smeared old windscreen, give Aero Twin a try – you’ll be able to see things a lot more clearly! Check out the full range of Aero Twin wider blades Spares Box has to offer here.