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Jaguar Land Rover’s AI Steering Wheel is an Odd Look Forward to 2040

By Brad Nash

Wed Sep 13 2017

The term ‘autonomy’ is being increasingly thrown around in the modern age. The leading thinkers of the day seem to think the traditional definitions of ownership need a shake up, and sharing is the thing of the future.

It’s safe to say that Jaguar have absolutely bought into said vision, unveiling the concept for what they’ve entitled ‘Sayer’. Sayer, named after legendary Jag designer Malcolm Sayer, is an AI steering wheel with full voice capabilities. The idea behind it is that it will be the only part of the car you own, able to be connected with a potential world’s worth of cars as the world turns less towards full-vehicle ownership and more towards sharing-based platforms.

The entire thing is run on AI and is voice-activated, making it more of a trusted concierge for getting where you need to go than an actual driving implement. Need to be somewhere at a certain time? Let Sayer know, and he’ll have a car ready for you whenever you need. Ownership of Sayer would get you membership into something of an on-demand service club, meaning you’ll be hooked up to an exclusive network of cars made to serve you and the rest of the Sayer owners around the world.

Simply plug the wheel in after that, and off you go. We assume you’ll be able to use it as an actual steering wheel, but Sayer has also been designed in anticipation of a world where driverless cars are the norm.

Jaguar Land Rover also say that Sayer will be just as useful as an AI companion around the house, potentially helping you perform ‘hundreds’ of tasks. What these tasks actually are beyond turning left, turning right and adjusting the stereo are a bit beyond our mental reach right now, but we’re sure that by the time 2040 rolls around, we’ll be used to this sort of thing.