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Mod Monday — James' Celica Supra

By Mitch Babbs

Mon Nov 25 2019

One of the finer vehicles you’ll get to feast your eyes on is up for an ogle in this week’s Mod Monday, James’ Toyota Celica Supra. James is one of Sparesbox’s long-term members and his love of classic west coast rap brings a spiciness to the office Spotify playlist that most (if not all) of us here deeply appreciate.

A work of art 7 years in the making, his ‘83 Celica has seen an extensive amount of work done on it, mostly under the scarlet red bonnet. Before we dive in for a few words with the owner, here’s the list of work undertaken.


  • 2JZ-GE engine swap converted to DCOE45 Weber Carburettors
  • V160 6 speed gearbox with Direct Clutch and solid mass flywheel
  • Fenix S13 Radiator
  • Aeromotive EFI > Carb Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Aeroflow fuel distribution
  • MSD 6-AL2 Ignition Box
  • MSD Blaster HVC Ignition Coil
  • Custom headers and exhaust


  • Work Equip 03 Wheels
  • Raybrig headlights


  • R32 GTR brake conversion
  • Techno Toy Tuning suspension including coilovers, arms etc
  • Whiteline sway bars


So James, what exactly are we looking at here? A car for getting around or a car for really getting around?

“Well, it’s a bit of both. Inside there isn’t much other than the Sparco racing seats. Currently trying to decide whether or not to fully commit it to the racetrack life.”

Does it currently see a lot of track time?

“I’ve had it out to probably 8 or 9 tracks in the last 12 months, and looking to get it out to plenty more next year.”

Understandable, when you’ve got something like this you want to unleash it every now and then. It’s a pretty unique setup you’ve got here, what exactly was the intent while building it up?

“It wasn’t necessarily to make something unique, it was just the way it happened to come out due to personal preference. I wanted to create something that was cool to look at as well as drive, something that had real personality. I plan my builds well in advance, and I knew what I wanted to include, from the gearbox, to the engine, to the brakes.”

Have you done a lot of the work on it yourself?

“Yes and no, while I’ve been tinkering on it over the years I’ve had some help, mostly from Grant, James and a few others here at Sparesbox HQ.”

Any issues you’ve encountered with it over the years?

“Really not that many, actually. That being said, after a bit of wiring work that Grant helped me with (from the ignition control box to the distributor) I remember the revs jumping around wildly. Luckily, that was a pretty easy fix.”

Bet that was an interesting ride home, but nothing wrong with keeping the body guessing. What’s next for the 9LIVES Celica?

“Not too sure. Like I said, I’m getting it registered and then making a decision on what to do with it long-term next year. In the short-term, it’s just made an appearance at Hot Import Nights over the weekend, and events like that are always a good way to show it off. Shannons did a great job supporting it and getting some interesting rides there.”

“I do have some other interesting vehicles you might get a look at in the future, if you’re interested.”

I can guarantee we will be.