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The Rides of Spares Box: James’s Toyota 86 GT

By Brad Nash

Mon Aug 31 2015

At Spares Box, the car maketh the man or woman, and as you could imagine, we have quite the car collection between us. In the first of our (hopefully) every growing series about the rides of Spares Box, we focus on our resident developer James, in particular his track-bred Toyota 86 GT. Thanks to Zen Garage for heading out and snapping some quality shots of this monster.



What type of car is this?

It’s a 2012 Toyota 86 GT.


How modified was the car when you first bought it?

It was completely stock and purchased brand new off the showroom floor.



How have you modified it yourself?

The car has been through multiple phases. Last year it was modified solely for track use, including a number of aerodynamic, handling and reliability modifications. Since then I’ve toned things back a bit as I am focusing on building a car solely for track use.

The 86 now has Japanese SSR wheels, coilover suspension, air intake, bucket seat, and a number of other things. I do 95% of my car modifications myself.


How is it to drive compared to when you originally got it?

It sticks to the road a lot better, and much more planted while cornering at speed.



What was your favourite moment while working on it?

Setting it on fire.


What’s your favourite memory with the car?

Setting a P.B. at Wakefield Park.



What’s the biggest hassle that comes with running a track car day-to-day?

The expense and wear-and-tear caused by having a track car.


Are you driving anything else at the moment?

I have a 1983 Toyota Celica Supra.



What’s your dream car?

It would have to be a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.