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Wanna Live Like Jordan Belfort? Well, Now You Can Buy His Ferrari

By Brad Nash

Tue Feb 23 2016

Whether or not you think Jordan Belfort, AKA The Wolf of Wall St, AKA Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest Oscar disappointment to date (The Revenant pending) was in any way an admirable individual, there’s no denying that a fraction of his truly staggering personal wealth went on a collection seriously nice cars.

Wolf of Wall St Ferrari


One of these, the dazzling white Ferrari Testarossa that featured prominently in both his life AND the film based on it (at least before THAT scene with the Lamborghini Countach), has gone up for sale.

Wolf of Wall St Ferrari


With its distinctive side vents and wicked styling (not to mention the flat-12 underneath), the Testarossa was a car synonymous with pretty much everything trendy, high powered and glamorous about the 1980s. If you climbed the corporate ladder to a rung above the Porsche-owning yuppy or fought crime with an excellent moustache at any point throughout the decade, chances are you might have owned one of these.

Wolf of Wall St Ferrari


About as pristine as they come, surprisingly considering the unimaginable levels of hedonism this car probably witnessed, the Testarossa has only 8,200 miles on it. It’s fully registered, legal, road-ready, and all that jazz. It even comes with a set of matching luggage which may or may not have cash hidden in the linings.

Wolf of Wall St Ferrari


Considering that the other two most famous pop culture Testarossas (the ones used in Miami Vice) sold for $600k and $1.2 million respectively, there’s no telling how much this one could bring at auction. It’s up for sale here, but should you buy it I wouldn’t recommend driving it anywhere with sniffer dogs.


Featured Image: Universal

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