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KC HiLiTes Shine On Through with Brand New Gravity Force Range

By Andrew Palmer

Mon Nov 03 2014

For over 30 years, KC HiLiTES have been the big dogs when it comes to designing and manufacturing performance lighting for off road vehicles – and with the recent release of their Pro-Sport Gravity LED lights, they’re certainly showing no signs of slowing down.


Covered by KC’s renowned 23 year warranty, these colossal lights are causing a real stir in the off road driving scene with their patented Reflector LED Optics Technology and high-definition output – and they’re are just a couple of things that make these offerings from KC’s Gravity Series so sought after.

The KC643 SPOT and K644 DRIVE(SPREAD) COMBO offer the kind of optimised light output and beam shape required to thrive in a tough off road environment and have been described by authorities of the 4WD community as “something that definitely has to be seen to truly understood.” These lights combine the best features of traditional optical reflector lights with the efficiency of LED technology to produce the new benchmark in driving lights.

Durability, improved visibility, a sleek look and cutting edge LED Optics Technology are essential in this game, and that’s just KC HiLiTES have delivered with their latest Gravity Range.


A Little About KC HiLiTES

This highly-acclaimed manufacturer was started by American entrepreneurial couple Peter and Carol Brown in their garage in California, and it didn’t take them long to firmly establish themselves in the world of off road auxiliary vehicle lighting.

Peter’s first lighting innovation came in the form of KC HiLiTES’ Daylighter, following a camping trip to Arizona. Due to a severe lack of vehicle lighting, Peter was inspired to return home, retire to his garage and create the rig that changed the off road lighting industry forever -, and being an avid truck enthusiast, it didn’t take long for word to travel.

Throughout the years, KC HiLiTES has built a solid reputation, based on their passion for off road vehicles, tireless ingenuity and unrivalled dedication to the consumer, offering flawless customer support while making tweaks and improvements to their technology at every given opportunity.

The Gravity Range truly does serve to highlight the power and colossal capabilities of KC’s LED Optics Technology, and by looking at their advancements and innovations in recent years, this could just be the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re in Australia, looking for real deal off road auxiliary lighting and you’d like to find out more about KC HiLiTES’ latest product range, pay a visit Spares Box and come closer to the light.