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Product Review: Keep Your Winter Mornings Hassle-Free with FrostGuard

By Brad Nash

Mon Jun 08 2015

Winter is coming. Well, actually winter is already here. We’re only a couple of days in though, and true to the fashion of Australian weather, this morning was the coldest Sydney has had 5 years. On mornings like this, getting out of bed is hard enough, and nothing makes that simple task harder than the prospect of having to scrape a night’s worth of frozen dew off of your windshield. Anti-freeze is pretty awful for you as well.


Thankfully, the good folks at FrostGuard have the answer to all your problems, and while it may not get quite as chilly as it does over in the US where they’re made, it’s always good to have that piece of mind which allows you to hit the snooze button just one more time.


Easily attaching to your door mirrors to provide a snug fit for any windshield, FrostGuard does exactly what it says in the title, keeping those layers of thick ice exactly where they belong: off of your windshield. Seriously, trust us. You’d be surprised how common it is, even down under.


Additional winter pro-tips: Spend the time you’d save scraping your car making multiple thermoses worth of warm Milo to get you through the day. Also, any metal laptop acts as a convenient source of lap warmth if you run something mildly demanding on it.


You can grab your FrostGuard for the best price right here.