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LACORSA: Get on Board!

By Brad Nash

Mon Mar 14 2016

The world of board and card games has experienced a low-key resurgence in popularity lately, and while you may be blissfully unaware sitting in front of your Playstation and waiting for the next Gran Turismo to come out (not that there’s anything wrong with that), there are more indie board games and card games circling around the game shops of the world than ever before. 

Now, fresh out of Kickstarter (or at least, it will be if it hits its pledge goal), comes LACORSA, which aims to bring the thrill of old-school GP racing to a table, bar or boozy gathering near you. Quite frankly, we’re stunned that something along these lines hasn’t come out sooner.


What’s the Concept?


LACORSA (which translates in Italian to “The Race”) aims to take the racing experience of overtaking and strategy and boil it down to its very core. It uses cards to control the movement of the cars as they battle for position across a wooden game board. Each deal of the cards is a race, and each race contributes towards an ultimate world championship.



Everything about the game is a throwback to the 60s and 70s where Grand Prix racing was the ultimate in prestige. It uses markers shaped like classic F1 cars, while the cards, rule book (neatly titled the ‘Sporting Regulations’) and score cards all throw back to the vintage posters that helped promote the glamour of F1. Even the typeface, whilst created using Swiss graphic design principles, is totally period correct.


How Do I Play?



The video above really offers the best explanation, but the idea is that you “challenge” the drivers in front of you on the wooden game block through the use of numbered cards that contain different actions. If you win your challenge, you “overtake” them on the block. If you lose, you fall behind. Once the cards are expended, the race is over and the points are tallied.



It’s quick fire, war style gaming which is based purely on raw strategy, and also puts you constantly in 1-on-1 engagement with the other players. You need to be tactical in how you play your cards, when you choose to make a push for the lead, and how you plan on getting to the end.


This Sounds Jolly Fun! How Do I Get It?



Everything is complete for LACORSA, meaning the design, manufacturing and art of the game is locked down and just waiting to be made. All that’s left is the funding to get the game made, and this is where Kickstarter comes in.

Creating a board game is no cheap feat, and the way you acquire a copy of the game is to essentially help pay for its manufacturing. You have two options here: either pledge $5 (or more) and you’ll receive a print and play, PDF version of the game. If you pledge $55 or more, you’ll receive the full first edition of the game in all its retro glory. Sounds like a good deal to us!



Currently, the Kickstarter campaign is just over 1/5 towards its goal of $25,000, so if LACORSA sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to get on board by donating here.


All Images: LACORSA