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Last Month in New Cars: Hybrid Ferraris, Renault Sports, Jags & More

By Brad Nash

Tue Jul 11 2017

With the Frankfurt Motor Show slowly creeping up and the new car season upon us, the testing tracks of the world have been awash with prototypes and the motoring blogs have been stuffed to capacity with news. And while our humble blog can’t capture everything, we’ve sifted through the juiciest bits of news to bring together all of last month’s most exciting goss in the world of new cars.


A Hotter 488 Spotted

Ferrari 488
Image: Autoevolution

A new special edition Ferrari 488 has been the subject of rumours for a while now, with concepts and renders available on the internet as far as the eye can see. Now though, it’s finally broken cover (despite being heavily covered) undergoing testing at the Nordschliefe.

Pretty much every interesting aspect of the bodywork has been covered, and it’s not even known whether or not it’ll be called the Speciale as it has in recent years, but since the engine and intake were both covered too, it’s safe to assume that it’s twin-turbo V8 will be getting at least a little extra grunt. Some word has spread it may even be a hybrid prototype.


The Jaguar I-Pace Sees the Light of Day

Jaguar i Pace
Image: Autoevolution

First unveiled as a concept car last year, the first real-life viewings of the new Jaguar I-Pace electric crossover set tongues alight at the Nurburgring. Due to hit showrooms late next year, the I-Pace claims to use its hybrid power to deliver 700nM of torque, 294kW of power and a 0-100 time around 4 seconds. Not your average crossover, then.


The New Megane RS Prepares to Take Its Crown Back

Renault Megane RS 2018


One of the main competitors in the Game of Thrones level battle for the iron throne of Hot Hatches, the 2018 Renault Megane RS is set to add some serious new tricks to its repetoir. Unveiled properly on a testing day with Renault F1 driver Nico Hulkenburg, the new Megane RS, which will be unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, is set to come with both ‘Sport’ and ‘Cup” (AKA stiffer) chassis, with 4 wheel steering (dubbed ‘4CONTROL’) and a choice of either manual or DCT transmission.


VW Unveils the New Polo

2018 Polo GTI


A brand new, 6th-Gen Polo is set to hit the market next year, and we’ve finally got a clear picture of how they’ll look. With some pretty dramatic new styling that still retains the VW feel, the tech inside is truly at the forefront of what you’re likely to find in a sub-$30k car. It’s likely we’ll get a 3-cylinder engine similar to what’s common in Europe, but the standard offering will feature the current Golf’s 1.5L 4-pot, along with a choice of two 1.6L diesel engines for those inclined in such a way. The GTi, interestingly, will pack a N/A 2.0L engine.


The New BMW X7 Set to Be Unveiled in September

2018 BMW X7
Image: Carsguide


First spotted undergoing testing in April, a bit more news has broken regarding the new BMW X7 crossover concept. Set to be a 7-seater based on the luxury, comfort and performance of the 7-series, the monolithic car will probably be gunning for the likes of the Range Rover and Mercedes GLS series. Power will most likely come from a choice of 6 or 8 cylinder engines, and a performance model featuring the 740e’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain has also been discussed.


CarAdvice Spy the Ford Ranger Raptor V6

Ranger Raptor
Image: Caradvice


In a bit of news eager off-roaders have been waiting for since it was first spied in 2015, further pictures have been taken of the Ford Ranger Raptor V6 being tested in Aussie conditions. It’s likely to pack the V6 ecoboost engine of the F-150, which will equate to a ton of grunt. It’s also likely to have much beefier suspension, off-road oriented tyres and the aggressive styling that raptor fans have been waiting for down under for years.