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Let’s Clear The Air About K&N Air Filters

By Beatrice McBride

Wed Jul 27 2016

Trying to figure out what filter you’re going to use on your latest Instagram photo can be challenging enough let alone figuring out which brand of filter is going to be the best option for you and your car.

SO let’s give you the low down on the pros and cons of K&N air filters to keep you in the know when it comes to replacing your filters.


K&N Air Filters Pros

Washable and Reusable

Without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions to using a K&N filter is that they’re washable. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter back in 1969 and have continued to work tirelessly on developing the technology that sets them apart from other brands. Lasting 50,000 miles (that’s 80467.2 km!) between servicing; giving your filter a wash and oiling will prepare it for another 50,000 miles. (Also, a massive plus if you’re conscious about how much crap you’re putting in landfills!)


Lasting Power

Some things are good when they’re “short n’ sweet” like speeches and ad segments during your favourite T.V. show. Other things, like how long parts last in your car, are not. K&N’s air filters are developed to last the distance. Their million-mile warranty is a surefire sign that they stand behind their products, allowing completely stress-free driving for anyone who invests in the K&N philosophy; that filters should last the life of a vehicle. Now that’s some lasting power!


Air Flow

As you’d imagine, the better the air filter the greater the air flow. Since K&N offer quality, you can expect insane flow. Increased flow allows the engine to perform the way it’s meant to. With enough air, an engine can display its true potential. This is something that a paper filter won’t provide an engine with. In short, K&N filters can help prolong the life of an engine by feeding it the air it needs.


K&N Air Filters


Fuel Economy

When I hear the word economy, I usually switch off and wait for the drone of  “in the red” to end, but this is economy to get excited about! The result of improved air flow is increased fuel economy. With more air and ideal engine output, it won’t surprise you that your engine is going to deal with fuel that little bit better. For those of us keeping an eye on our spending, enriched efficiency in burning fuel is the holy grail. A K&N air filter can provide those extra couples of miles per gallon. Ideal.


Power Hungry

K&N air filters will boost your car’s overall horsepower by 1-4% in total. It might not sound like much, but how else can you boost your power without forking out a small fortune?


Ease of Fitment

The great thing about a lifelong aftermarket filter is it’s pretty damn easy to put in place. K&N make their air filters ready-to-use and are made in a way that means they fit inch-perfect in the place of the original air filter. You can check out the installation instruction here on K&N’s website.


A Wallet’s Best Friend (In The Long Run)

Although K&N filters are more expensive than sticking with paper filters short term, the reality is, you’re saving money in the long run. A paper filter might seem more cost-effective, but with a paper filter, it’s never just the one. Expect to buy a series of paper replacements, and expect to see the overall cost pile up. Buying K&N means your wallet will thank you in the end, oh yeah and who doesn’t like a little extra spending money?


K&N Air Filters


K&N Air Filters Cons

Cost (Short-Term)

Okay, per item a K&N air filter is pricier than its paper competitor. Looking at the price point of a K&N filter can be daunting when you see other air filters four times cheaper. So on that basis, those who doubt the values of a K&N filter have a point. If your current car is on its last legs (or wheels, rather), then a one-off paper filter would be more cost-effective however if your car isn’t heading to the scrap yard then a K&N filter is a worthwhile cost-saving option long term.



The main downside? Cleaning a K&N air filter is a pain in the backside. A great selling point for K&N is that their filters’ are washable, but who wants to do that? Washing, drying, re-fitting. Boring, right? Agreed. However, we have a pretty stress-free 3 step guide to keep your boring time to a minimum! Either that or get a younger relative to do it for you for ice cream…just kidding…kinda.


Made up your mind about K&N filter? Head over to our website to pick one up! Click here!