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Lost in Translation? Let’s Make Sense of LIQUI-MOLY

By Peter Mackinnon

Sun Jan 31 2016

When you spend money, you want the best for your car, right? For excellence in engine oil and additives, the answer is always Liqui-Moly. Yet while quality speaks for itself, how can you tell your semi-synthetic from fully synthetic when the labels aren’t in English?

At Sparesbox, we provide a vast array of Liqui-Moly products, so we’re here to break down the barriers for you. Remember, your engine oil might come from Germany, but it speaks the same language as every Australian.



Liqui-Moly Leichtlauf looks incomprehensible to start with, but once you know it just means ‘low friction’, things get easy. So when you see this appear, what you’re looking at is a product that assures the smooth functioning of your engine, and therefore a longer engine life. You’ll spot Leichtlauf in a couple of Liqui-Moly products we offer.

Super Leichtlauf 10W-40



The Super Leichtlauf 10w-40 is part of Liqui-Moly’s Synthetic Technology range, it offers low-viscosity motor oil with a super-strong focus on dirt-suspending and cleaning power. With advanced wear-protection technology, this product promotes long engine life by preventing formation of oil sludge.


Liqui-Moly Lechtlauf High Tech 5W-40



The Lechtlauf High Tech 5W-40 is another member of the Synthetic Technology team. The product ensures fast engine lubrication with lowered fuel consumption. As this technology allows up to 40,000km between oil changes, this is best on vehicles where long intervals between changes are common.



On the label of any Liqui-Moly Synthoil range product you buy, you’ll notice they all say vollsynthetisches. For those of us who didn’t take German at school, that’s looks a bit scary. Turns out all it means is that these products are fully synthetic. We offer a number of fully synthetic products under the Synthoil range, so take another look with brand new peace of mind.


10W-60 Liqui-Moly Synthoil Race Tech


This product gets you there faster. Specifically designed for motorsport, this is fully synthetic, low-viscosity motor oil for extreme operating conditions. Producing maximum lubrication, you can’t go wrong when you need maximum wear protection. What more does a racer need?


Liqui-Moly 0W-40 Synthoil Energy


The standard fully synthetic Liqui-Moly oil, Energy gives you excellent dirt-suspending and cleaning properties that keep the engine as clean as it’s ever going to get. Like every Liqui-Moly oil, this looks after your wallet by keeping oil consumption down.


Liqui-Moly 0W-30 Synthoil Longtime Plus


Specifically designed for some of the most prominent German cars around, Longtime Plus caters to VW, Audi, SEAT and SKODA drivers out there – diesel or petrol. This oil has exceeded VW test requirements, and has passed European fuel consumption tests with flying colours. If you have a German car, stick with this oil.


Liqui-Moly MoS2

We’re cheating a bit here. MoS2 isn’t actually a German word – would you believe it? However, while not written in German, it’s worth explaining. Not exactly in standard English, MoS2 is the formula of molybdenum disulfide. Liqui-Moly have built an empire on this formula, patenting a liquid, additive form in 1957 which has given the brand its iconic name.

This stuff is specially formulated to extend the life of your engine, offering protection in high-stress situations. With almost 60 years of experience on its side, it changed the engine oil game back in the 50s, and it hasn’t put a foot wrong yet. MoS2 is the cornerstone of all things Liqui-Moly, from quality to longevity, so it isn’t a bad thing to know that what you’re buying has a story behind it.

Although it might be hard to make sense of when you look at it, MoS2 is no reason to panic – and no reason to get your German dictionary out!


With that said, take a look at our range of LIQUI-MOLY products with complete peace of mind. Auf Wiedersehen!

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