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A Look Through Airbag Man’s Product Range

By Brad Nash

Thu Jan 21 2016

Almost since the introduction of airbag suspension technology in Australia, the folks at Airbag Man have been at the forefront. First established over 20 years ago, Airbag Man have been supplying Australian drivers of recreational, commercial and passenger vehicles with outstanding airbag suspension kits, many of which utilise extremely high quality rubber airbags from both Dunlop and Firestone. Famous as innovators, Airbag Man themselves boast that they were the first company to put both a caravan and the Nissan Patrol – one of the world’s best selling 4×4’s – on Airbag Suspension.

Naturally then, being one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Airbag Man products, we thought it only right to take you through their brilliant range.


But First, what does Airbag Suspension Do?

Airbag Man Airbag Suspension KIt
Image: Airbag Man


Airbag suspension essentially functions as either an aide or a replacement for conventional coil-springsuspension, as well as some kits for leaf spring equipped vehicles, utilising tough rubber or polyurethane airbags to provide stability and shock absorption when carrying heavier loads. The capacity of airbag suspension isn’t quite as high as a set of heavy duty springs or a 4×4 lift kit, but it provides an outstanding solution for the every day worker who regularly carries or tows heavier loads and wants suspension performance that can be tailored to the scenario.

Because of this, Airbag Man manufacture not only individual bellows and components to suit each particular vehicle, but also spring helper and full coil replacement airbag kits for a complete suspension overhaul specifically catering to your vehicle’s needs. As with all airbag suspension, the majority of these airbags can be inflated and deflated at will to suit the situation.


Airbag Man Spring Helper Kits

Airbag Man Airbag Suspension Spring Helper Kit

Suitable Vehicles: 4x4s, SUVs, Utes
Great For: Towing light loads, off-roading, light commercial work

Designed to work with your existing suspension, the airbags in spring helper kits are placed inside the traditional coil, or on the leaf springs of the suspension as an additional bolster. Easily installed and fully adjustable just like a full spring replacement kit, they add a great additional support for light-duty commercial work where your regular springs might be a inadequate.


Spring Replacement Kits

Airbag Man Spring Replacement Airbag Suspension Kit

Suitable Vehicles: Heavy commercial vehicles, vans, lorrys, large 4x4s, work trucks
Great For: Towing heavy loads, heavy-duty commercial work, high load carrying


These suspension replacement kits are the full overhaul and a true investment in the pulling power of your vehicle. These bellows completely replace the coil or leaf springs on your vehicle, using the toughest airbags to provide outstanding support and adjustable comfort to your vehicle’s handling. Air suspension replacement kits also work with your vehicle’s shock absorbers, meaning you’re not missing out on the chance to invest in some proper shock absorbers to suit your needs.

Spring replacement airbag suspension kits are perfect for more heavy duty solutions such as regular towing, commercial use and load carrying, provided you’re not exceeding the capacity of the airbags themselves of course.


Components and Customisation

Airbag Man Airbag Suspension Parts


Everything you need for a fully customisable airbag suspension experience is also available through Airbag Man. Individual airbags, air tanks, switches and protective sleeves are all available at great value, as are the smaller valves, fittings, spacers and protectors that help to keep your entire suspension set up safe and secure as it does it’s job.