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A Look Through Motul’s Engine Oil Range

By Brad Nash

Tue Oct 20 2015

Here at Spares Box, we’re incredibly proud to announce our latest product range from Motul, and to celebrate we’re here to take you through their range of premium engine oils, all of which have been developed from the finest technologies and materials to give you the very best in protection, performance and cleaning power for your engine.


Motul 300V

Motul 300V Spares Box


Developed in conjunction from some of the world’s leading race teams over a variety of disciplines, the Motul 300V range is the very best in protection for engines that are pushed to the absolute limit in terms of revs, temperature and conditions. Motul 300V is developed with an ester core in conjunction with 100% base stocks to guarantee the best in engine response, power delivery and unbreakable protection.


Motul 8100

Motul 8100 Spares Box


If you’re after an amazing oil for your modern passenger car, check out the 8100 range to suit all of your needs. Motul’s 8100 range is the ultimate 100% synthetic solution to care for modern engines that require the finest to perform at their best. The 8100 range stretches across a huge range of viscosity and grades, with every variant in the range designed specifically to cater for the types of engines most likely to use it.

To suit a wide range of Euro Emissions Regulations, as well as the stringent OE Requirements of some of the world’s most particular car manufacturers, choose Motul 8100. 8100 is also highly recommended for newer engines that are still under their warranty.


Motul H-Tech 100

Motul H-Tech 100 Plus Spares Box


Another line of 100% synthetic formulations by Motul is H-Tech, a more general purpose range that caters to a larger variety of engines while upholding the highest standards of oil quality and engine protection. Motul H-Tech is the recommended range by a large variety of Japanese, Korean and American vehicle manufacturers to give vehicles that are more likely to have long service lives the chance to have the very best maintenance and protection throughout their years of service.

All Motul H-Tech oils meet stringent API Standards where relevant, and like the 8100 range are catered specifically for certain vehicle and engine types, ensuring your engine gets the most tailored protection possible.


Motul Technosynthese

Spares Box Motul myth Busting oil semi synthetic


Technosynthese refers to all of Motul’s products that feature a synthetic blend in order to enhance the mineral oils that it’s blended with. These oils offer great budget-oriented and entry-level solutions for a huge range of passenger cars. Technosynthese oils like the Motul Multipower range is also great for use in modern and large displacement engines, while the 6100 line offers exceptional protection for modern, high-performance engines.


It’s hard to get a grip on just what all of these synthetic titles mean, and we’ve busted the myths surrounding oils to help you out here. For a little more info on Motul and the racing heritage that’s led to the development of some of their finest oils, check this article here.