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McLaren took Almost 100 of their Classics on a Road Trip and the Pictures are Amazing

By Brad Nash

Thu Nov 02 2017

Spotting any form of McLaren during your daily drive is a treat within itself, so we can only imagine the faces of the lucky car fans who got treated to the sight of Woking’s best and fairest, on tour through the English countryside for a McLaren Road Trip.

A celebration of all things McLaren, a huge range of road and race-spec McLarens, from the P1 to the McLaren F1 LM, were brought together to cruise the countryside as part of a private owner’s tour. None of the newer-spec models, just the rarest and most coveted McLarens ever made, in every classic livery you could imagine.

McLaren’s total collection for the day consisted of 69 standard F1 road cars, 5 of which were prototypes, 28 race cars, 3 road-legal ‘Longtail’ F1 Gts, and five F1 LMs. A couple of P1 LMs were also brought along for the ride.

If you weren’t a McLaren fan before, lord knows you might be now.

Check out the gallery below.


Images: Alex Penfold