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The Mercedes-AMG Project One is a PROPER Road Going F1 Car

By Liam Ridings

Wed Sep 13 2017

Mercedes-AMG have taken the covers off the highly-anticipated The Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar ahead of this week’s Frankfurt Motorshow.

Mercedes Project One 1


Conceived on the notion of creating the closest possible thing to an F1 car that can wear number plates, the two-seat hypercar is powered by a plug-in hybrid system on the front axle that mates to a rear mounted F1-derived 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engine. The plucky 1.6-litre engine is capable of revving to 11,000rpm- an impressive figure, but still significantly lower than its F1 counterpart due to the use of ‘Super Plus’ petrol in lieu of racing fuel.

According the Mercedes-AMG, the petrol engine develops more than 500kW, with each electric motor supplying an additional 120kW, making for a total output of more than 740kW- equating to more than 1000hp in old money.

Mercedes Project One 2


Mercedes are yet to release official torque figures or 0-100km/h sprint times, however the company claims that the Project One will accelerate to 200km/h in under six seconds and onto a top speed of more than 250km/h. To put that in perspective, the current crop of hypercars- lead by the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLarenP1- claim to accelerate to 200km/h in around seven seconds.

Power is sent to the road through a variable AMG Performance 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system and mated to a torque vectoring automated AMG Speedshift eight-speed manual transmission.

Mercedes Project One 3


The interior is just as remarkable of the engine and driving dynamics. Most notably, the wide-format LCD screens used for instrument display seem to have been lifted directly from the Petronas F1 car. And forget half-baked bottom steering wheels, the Project One features an Alcantara covered rectangular wheel with full control buttons.

Mercedes-AMG will build just 275 examples for the AMG project one, with nine units confirmed for the Australia and New Zealand Markets. Despite still only being in the concept phase of development, all 275 examples have already been accounted for.

Mercedes Project One 4


Mercedes Project One 5


Mercedes Project One 6


All images: Mercedes