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Mod Monday — James' Double Feature!

By Mitch Babbs

Mon Nov 18 2019

We’ve got a special treat to get things kicked off right this week: a Mod Monday featuring not one but two vehicles from our resident mechanic James. You might recognise him from any of the build videos we’ve released, alongside Sparesbox celebrity Sam Young (whose own Mod Monday feature you can check out here).

James has been with us for around four and a half years, or as some might recognise, more or less since the beginning of Sparesbox. Absolutely crucial in both repairing and rebuilding a number of vehicles here at Sparesbox HQ, James has worked on just about everything in his time here. His two current projects are his Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV and Lancia HPE, so let’s dive in and see what he’s been doing with them.

Seems like one of these has gotten a bit more love than the other. Let’s start with the Alfetta. What’s going on here? 

“Where to start. 10548 camshafts and some mild head work. Pair of 45 DCOE Weber carbs. Alfaholics intake manifold and Pipercross filter. CSC headers, stainless exhaust. Interior from a Grand Prix ‘84 edition. 75 Twinspark gearbox with shorter ratios and LSD. Update to isostatic shift linkage. Computer-mappable distributor. 16x8 wheels.”

Sensing an affinity for European manufacturing here, James.

“You could say that. I just love classic cars”

Have you had any issues with it so far? 

“None at all actually, the Alfa runs like a dream. The Lancia on the other hand…”

Tell us more.

“Well, I only got it earlier this year and it was full to the brim with rust at the time. I took it on a 3500km road rally (that's why it's stickered up in a few of these photos) and it blew a wheel bearing halfway through, then by the time we made it to the finish line it had blown a head gasket too.”

Good thing you know a thing or two about cars.

“Yeah, absolutely. It took a fair bit of time fixing up the rust in my spare time at Sparesbox HQ to get it ready for the rally, but it was worth it.”

Looks it. So, what else have you done to it?

“Lowered it, chucked some new wheels on and upgraded the exhaust system, nothing too major in terms of modifications yet.”

Working across two vehicles, I imagine that hits the hip-pocket pretty hard. What kind of budget have you been working with?

“No budget actually, just taking my time with the builds and making sure they get the attention they deserve.”

So what does the future hold for the Alfa and the Lancia?

“Twinspark engine for the Alfetta, and just enjoy the Lancia as much as possible.”

That shouldn’t be too hard, I don’t imagine. Keep us posted for the next road rally you enter into, would love to see if the Lancia can go the distance.