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Modified Bentley Continental Rally Car Sells for $69,000

By Liam Ridings

Sat Sep 16 2017

The terms ‘unique’ and ‘one-of-a-kind’ are thrown around all too often in the used car market, but when it comes to this Dakar Inspired Bentley Continental Rally GT, it is completely justified.

The car was featured as part of the National Geographic series Supercar Megabuild where it was treated to more than $45,000AUD worth of modifications to transform it into an off-road weapon that is still completely road legal.

Bentley Rally Car 1


In stock guise, this Bentley Continental GT features a 6.0-litre W12 engine, 6 speed automatic transmission and all the luxuries that you would associate with one of the most comfortable grand tourers ever made.

Proving once again the tenuous relationship between customising a vehicle and resale value, this heavily modified Bentley sold for well below market value for a car of similar age and mileage.

Bentley Rally Car 2


With a starting price of just £1 and a grand total of 101 bids, the Dakar-inspired Continental sold for a £40,800 ($69,301AUD) to an unknown UK buyer.

Bentley Rally Car 3



  • 8 X Quantum Racing Single Adjustable Shocks (2 Shocks Per Corner
  • 17Inch Custom Banded Steel Wheels
  • 265-65-17 INSA Turbo Tyres
  • Ads Steel External Rollcage (Sprayed Black)
  • Lazer Lamps Triple-R24 Led Racing Light
  • Custom Lower Arms
  • Custom Wide Arches
  • Comp-Brake Custom Front Brakes
  • Spare Wheel and Petrol Cans Mounted on Rear
  • Bash Plates Underbody Protection


Images: eBay