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The Good And The Interesting – MotorEx 2016

By James Andrew

Fri Jul 29 2016

Looking back to the 16th and 17th of July the 6th Annual Meguiars MotorEx event saw a record crowd of 27,150 descend upon the Melbourne Showgrounds.  

For those living under a rock, MotorEx is Australia’s premier modified and custom car exhibition. All manner of vehicles are driven and towed from far and wide to showcase their metal, with a select few competing for the top accolades.

Our amazing Spares Box Promo Staff


Every year MotorEx attracts the best of the best  and a plethora of previously unseen cars (and interesting characters) emerge from the woodwork and 2016 was no different.

Something a little more on the interesting side of things


There really is nothing like a static car show to divide opinions and the Spares Box Pit Crew was ripe with the heated discussion over what we liked and disliked. Cars like Tail Spin were a focal point where the styling may not sit well with some but the craftsmanship was of such a level that you couldn’t help but appreciate it regardless of taste.

A stand out for me was a beautiful replica 1964 Ferrari 250GT. It was almost nut and bolt perfect and with the correct engine and everything exactly as it was. It was for all intents and purposes as close to the genuine article as you can get.

Another Spares Box favourite was the XBOSS. Originally bought by owner Chris Bitmead as a rusted out shell, it was pretty hard to image this car in any other way than its current glorious state.

XBOSS – 2016 Meguiar’s Superstars Grand Master


With a motorised bonnet, custom leather interior, slick paint job and the neatest engine we’d ever since it came as no surprise when it took out the 2016 Meguiar’s Superstars Grand Master award.

There were 43 cars in the Spares Box Movie Car Mania display which meant that Meguiars MotorEx achieved its 2016 goal of claiming the record for the biggest gathering of movie and tv car replicas and originals. Being situated right amongst these cars meant that there was plenty of movie and TV favourites to relish.

The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard
The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard

We all had a great time working with the awesome team from Aisle 6 at the Spares Box Stand, printing original movie car t-shirts. Plenty of event goers checking out the movie cars came and designed and printed their own unique t-shirt.  There were plenty of awesome designs and plenty happy faces.

Aisle 6 printing custom t-shirts for event goers
Aisle 6 printing custom t-shirts for event goers