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Mullerhaus on Superpro Roll Control & The Best Suspension Upgrades for your VW/Audi

By Brad Nash

Tue Sep 12 2017

SuperPro have long been at the forefront of Australian suspension innovations, producing their renowned polyurethane suspension bushes, sway bars and alloy control arms for many years now. Only recently though have they given a name to their top-tier suspension upgrades: introducing Superpro Roll Control.

Superpro’s Roll Control range features everything the performance enthusiast needs to make their car tighter and stiffer in the corners, from sway bars and alloy control arms, to roll centre kits and premium sway bar bushings. They also make a fantastic suspension upgrade for avid off-roaders, as we’ve covered, but in order to get the best testimonial possible, we thought we’d talk to Paul Muller, owner and chief engineer at VAG tuning workshop Mullerhaus, to see why he trusts the Superpro Roll Control range above all else when working on a project.


Could you take us through one of the projects you’ve been working on?

Superpro Roll Control


‘We’ve just finished working on a Mk 7 Golf R which consisted of a lot of SuperPro products. First off, we started with the Roll Control engine mounts, which are a great set up actually. I’ve used them in quite a lot of cars. We also fitted front and rear sway bars to it, and the Superpro alloy lower control arms with a little bit of extra caster. That’s going to be used as a track day set up.’


Is there a key benefit that you or your customers immediately take away when you’ve fitted a Superpro part to one of the projects?

Superpro Roll Control 2


‘To use the example of the Mk. 7 Golf R, the biggest problem they suffer from is understeer. The reason why we always fit the anti-roll bars on the Golf R and any other VAG performance car is to slow down the process of understeer. The rear bar is the most effective, and the front bar is just to balance it out.’

At this point, Paul passed me on to Jonathan. One of his customers, Jonathan also helps Mullerhaus with a great deal of their R&D when it comes to suspension. What he had to say about the Superpro range was better than any ad could ever manage.

‘We’ve been testing, mixing and matching suspension parts for the past 18 months, and honestly, if you name any major brand that does Volkswagen and Audi suspension parts (many of which I’ve paid for out of pocket), out of all of them the Superpro engine mounts are by far the best I’ve ever used. They give you the extra stiffness without the noise and vibration that normally comes along with it.

When it comes to the lower control arms, we’ve seen massive benefits using Superpro on our drag-spec Golf GTI for improving grip off the line. When it comes to the Golf Rs, the extra 1 degree of camber provided by the SuperPro Control Arms actually had a lot of benefits around the track. At Wakefield, adding 1 degree of camber can cut close to a second off your lap time, and this can go up to about 2 seconds when you add the camber tops, hence why we’re asking SuperPro to start making them.

Finally, the rear sway bars are fantastic if you really push the car through its paces. Normal drivers don’t notice the understeer, but if you’re hard on the accellerator and hard on the steering, you’ll notice straight away as it’s an inherited problem across most of the VAG platforms. Most people prefer a bit of understeer as opposed to oversteer for their daily drives, hence why they make it like that as a safety precaution, but with the rear sway bars and a little extra camber, you can effectively eliminate it.

In terms of the quality of the overall SuperPro product, from its performance to the way it’s packaged and shipped, it’s just incredible. It’s also very very competitive when it comes to the cost compared to most of their competitors. The quality of the product is fantastic, any issues are resolved immediately right here in Australia, and due to the fact they’re based here, it’s very easy to obtain parts.’


What SuperPro product would you recommend straight off the bat to anyone looking to start tuning their performance?

Superpro Roll Control 3


The rear sway bar, straight up. It’s the most beneficial thing we’ve come across on the MQB platform. You really do get some fantastic benefits out of it.

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All images: Mullerhaus