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10 Must Have Tools Every Enthusiast Should Keep in Their Garage

By Brad Nash

Wed Feb 10 2016

To celebrate the release of our latest line of tools with Kincrome, we’ve taken a look through our whole range and consulted with our resident mechanic to get you in the know about 10 tools. 10 tools that should be in the box of any car enthusiast, DIYer, tinkerer, tailor, soldier or spy. Well, maybe not the last 3. Unless they work on cars of course.


A Soft-Faced Hammer

Hammer Kincrome 10 tools

“Rubber, brass or otherwise.” Says James, our resident Spares Box mechanic. Because you need force, but you definitely don’t want to be bashing chips of metal out of vital components or destroying your paintwork.

Keep a soft-faced hammer about for those times where you need to be firm, but gentle. If you know what I mean.


An Oil Filter Tool

Oil Filter tool Kincrome 10 tools


Every at-home mechanic knows of the depressing warm feeling when you crack an oil filter by hand, and 6 months worth of collected engine gunk runs down your arm. Avoid hours spent scrubbing off oil at the sink, and invest in an adjustable oil filter tool. It’ll make your life way easier.


A Quality Universal Bit Set

Drill bits Kincrome 10 tools


A good set of bits can make a really handy utility across your garage. They’ll handle just about anything across your vehicle that needs either loosening or tightening, and if you invest in something made out of a good material, you can be sure that you’re doing your best to avoid stripping any screws, nuts or bolts that can ruin a hard day’s work.

If you get a set like the Kincrome Universal Bit Set (pictured above), they double as a versatile screwdriver too.


Locking Pliers

Locking Pliers Kincrome 10 tools


To me, the locking plier was always the one tool in my dad’s kit that I couldn’t quite figure out how to use. Now I know just how invaluable one of these can be. With one of these you can pull, pry, tighten, tear and twist, and while you might lose your grip, a good pair of locking pliers never will.

Grab those nu-, er, BOLTS (or just about anything else for that matter) tight, and don’t let go.


A Good Crimp tool

Crimp Tool Kincrome 10 Tools


“Not the thin, crappy ones.” Was another vital bit of advice from our resident mechanic. And let’s be fair: when you’re working on a bunch of electronics that can become frayed or damaged when working on them, you want equipment that isn’t gonna let you down at a vital moment.


A Torque Wrench

Kincrome Torque Wrench 10 tools


Archimedes once wrote: “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I shall move the earth.” Well, you might not be moving the Earth or revolutionising ancient mathematics any time soon, but with a decent torque wrench your ability to tighten nuts in the places that need precise fastenings will be pretty much unparalleled.

Seriously, look it up. It’s the same principle.


A Vernier Gauge

Vernier Guage Kincrome 10 Tools

In a place like your car where millimetres can make a massive difference in whether your car starts up or not, vernier gauges can prove incredibly handy.

Get one that’s rust proof and protected from any potential corrosion, and you’ll never miss a measurement again, whether it be length, breadth, depth, or any kind of diameter. I bet Archimedes wishes he had one of them around.


A DECENT Shifter Wrench

Kincrome Wrench 10 Tools

Lock it on to a bolt or a nut of any size, give it a good whack and you’re good to go. A high-quality shifter wrench will put up with all manner of punishment, is versatile enough to deal with jobs of all sizes and shapes without having to swap out socket heads or the like, and just generally looks sort of, well, mechanic-y.


A 1/4 Socket Set (inc. Unijoint)

Kincrome Socket Set 10 Tools


Socket sets really are a must have. Like, A. MUST. HAVE. They’ll sort you out with cracking any nut, seeing to any joint, and just have the flexibility and the versatility that you don’t get from a screwdriver, a wrench, a spanner or anything else.

Invest in a good quality set with a universal joint, and you’ll be on track to dealing with any job.


An Impact Screwdriver

Impact Screwdriver Kincrome 10 Tools


These things make your normal screwdriver set look like the stuff you get out of a christmas cracker. Impact Screwdrivers basically exist to handle the kind of jobs that the combination of your own strength and a normal screwdriver can’t.

Providing rapid impacts along with increased torsional power, they help to loosen stuck screws and get fresh ones tightened way more than you thought a conventional philips head could ever do.


All images from Kincrome.