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Nulon Lubricants: A Who’s Who

By Peter Mackinnon

Fri Mar 18 2016

Nulon is a proudly Australian made and owned brand which has grown to challenge big oil companies on the world stage. Using the most advanced facilities to thoroughly test each blend they create, Nulon are dedicated to providing the best lubricants in Australia. What separates them from many other quality lubricant brands is that they have a genuine understanding of the punishing Aussie environment. Spares Box are proud to stock the full range of Nulon products, so check out our guide to the brand that flies the flag for home grown Aussie quality.


Nulon Brake Fluid

Problem: My brakes aren’t what they used to be, I’m not getting the same feel when I brake.

Possible solution: You might need to replace your brake fluid.


Brake fluid has moisture-absorbing properties, therefore as time goes on the brake fluid gains a higher water content. The problem with this is that increased water creates a reduced boiling point, which will negatively impact your brakes, making them seem like they’ve lost their lust for life. It’s important to remember too that failing brakes can be a sign of a much bigger problem that needs to be checked out. However, a changeover of brake fluid can be effective in the right circumstances.

Nulon’s Super Dot 4 Extreme Performance and Super Dot 3 Extreme Performance are both great brake fluids. Keep in mind both differ, and you should always check the Nulon handbook and your manufacturer’s guide before choosing between them. 

brake fluid


Nulon Power Steering Fluid

Problem: I’m having a lot of difficulty steering. I’ve also noticed that my power steering fluid has changed colour and it’s now much darker.

Possible solution: Changing your fluid could improve your power steering.


A properly functioning braking power steering system relies on clean, quality fluid. Nulon’s range of power steering fluids give first-class solutions that can stop some sources of damaging wear to your steering system, as well as offering anti-corrosion properties, which prevent a lot of problems with steering performance. Having said that, if you are having serious difficulty turning your wheel comfortably, or you suspect a fluid leak, a fluid change alone won’t help.

Power Steering Fluid is the standard mineral based fluid that is suitable for most power steering systems in need of Dexron fluid. Guaranteed to extend the life of a power steering system, this is the go-to for quality protection from the harsh Australian environment.

Nulon also have a fully synthetic power steering fluid that suits most modern vehicles coming out of Japan, Europe, America and Australia. If you own an Audi or VW, you might not need to worry. It is usually suitable to replace their specialised fluids. If you own a Honda, it’s suitable for its power steering fluid V or S. Nulon Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Power Steering Fluid can also help to diminish steering shudder and extend power steering system life.

Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak allows optimum performance through its seal swell additives, which repair the posture of shrunken or hardened seals to cut-out future leakages. This product combines the advantages of Nulon’s standard power steering fluid with a specialised formula that is designed to stop leaks.  Add Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner to reduce leaks super fast.

power steering


Nulon Transmission Fluid

Problem: Lately I’ve noticed my transmission making strange, grinding sounds, and it’s not as easy to shift into reverse as it used to be.

Possible solution: Transmission fluid may need to be changed.


Your gearbox is at your constant beck and call, dedicated to making every gear shift easy for you. But this consistent contact between metals means that your gearbox is victim to a lot of abrasion. Therefore, unless you regularly change transmission fluid, it’s no surprise your fluid is darker! With that said, grinding and gear change problems may well be a sign of bigger problems at work. However, the remedy might well be as simple as changing the transmission fluid, which freshens things up allowing for smoother gear changes, so it’s certainly worth looking at. Here are Nulon’s best transmission fluids.

Nulon Premium Mineral Automatic Transmission Fluid is mineral based, and is suitable for General Motors Dexron III and Ford Mercon fluids. It provides outstanding wear protection. It also meets Allison C-4 & TES 389, Caterpillar TO-2, Ford M2C 138-CJ & M2C 166-H, Hyundai/Kia SP-II & SP-III, Mazda M-III and Mercedes Benz 236.1, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7 specifications.

Nulon Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid offers great wear protection and transmission durability. A fully synthetic base fluid with advanced additives, this product has passed the most stringent of American, European, and Asian vehicle testing. Compatible with many models old and new, it’s perfectly suited to the vast majority of manufacturer fluid requirements out there, including Allison C-4, Mercon and AFT+4.

Nulon Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is semi-synthetic and suitable for pretty much every car on the road, from Mercon and Dexron III requirements to Allison C-4 and many more. It provides first-class thermal and oxidation stability to maintain transmission durability and a high performance level.

transmission fluid


Nulon Engine Oil

Problem: My engine is running louder than it used to and my oil is black?

Possible solution: Your oil may be overdue for a change.


Changing your oil is one the best things you can do for your engine as part of preventative maintenance, and it certainly can improve engine noise. By lubricating moving parts, engine oil keeps your engine doing what it’s supposed to do. It keeps these parts cool by lowering friction levels and extracting heat away from important areas. As well as this, it removes dirt and unwanted particles (the gritty stuff in your old oil) that cause stress and damage to your engine. By replacing old oil that is vulnerable to heat and harmful particles with new oil, you are allowing your engine optimum functionality. Again, as with most automotive problems, increased and unusual engine noise might be a symptom of bigger problem that needs a checked out, but a change of oil is a tried and tested solution to a whole host of minor engine problems. We at Spares Box have a massive selection of Australian-made Nulon engine oils designed to achieve the best results for your engine, so let us take you through a select few.


Mineral Engine Oil: Semi-Synthetic Oil

All of Nulon’s mineral engine oils are formulated using virgin mineral base oils and are met with additives designed to improve performance. Mineral engine oil is the traditional engine oil, predating the more refined synthetic ones. However, the good news is these can be used alongside their semi-synthetic counterparts. So if you’re using the 15w40 Premium Mineral High Protection, match it up with the 15w40 Semi Synthetic Modern Everyday.  This same formula works for combining 10W-30 mineral with 10W30 semi-synthetic.


These semi-synthetic oils are all designed to give long-lasting anti-wear protection for stress-free driving. A semi-synthetic formula will give great viscosity control which prevents thickening of oil and deters harmful particles. If you drive a diesel, Nulon 15W-40 Premium Mineral High Protection Diesel and Nulon 15W-40 Semi-Synthetic Diesel may be the right solution for you, but check Nulon’s lube guide first. 





Fully Synthetic

Fully synthetic oils tend to last longer and therefore may extend engine life compared to mineral or semi-synthetic oils. Importantly, synthetic oil has a higher base number retention than its competitors. The base number is an indicator of the oil’s overbase additives (which fight acidity), and is therefore directly related to a lubricant’s ability to neutralise acid. The longer acid can be neutralised, the longer the oil will resist turning to acid, which means your oil will protect your engine for longer. To clarify – high base number retention is a good thing, and synthetic oil has it in spades.


Full Synthetic 5W-30 EURO Engine Oil and Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil perform pretty similar functions for different engines. They provide optimum protection from cold start-up to high operating temperatures, while its low viscosity formula means great engine performance.

Full Synthetic 5W-30 EURO Engine Oil is suitable for many VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda engines – both diesel and petrol. The oil is suitable for modern diesels with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and petrol engines with catalytic converters. Take note to not use the Euro on heavy-duty diesel engines. As far as Long Life goes, this product meets Holden and SUV warranty requirements where dexos1 5W-30 is specified. Its excellent corrosion protection brings bio-fuel compatibility for vehicles using E10 and E85 fuels. Again, please note: Do not use on diesel engines, or any engine with DPF!

Full Synthetic 5W-20 Fuel Conserving Engine Oil is designed to give you the greatest protection for all new generation passenger car and light commercial engines that require 5W-20 engine oil. This combines fuel economy with petrol engine protection like no other.

Last but hardly least, a couple for the enthusiasts! Full Synthetic 15W-50 Street and Track Engine Oil can be used in high performance V8, 6 and 4 cylinder engines. Since thicker oil is needed with these high-power machines, this oil his incredibly high viscosity combined with engine protection. Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (DTc) has been added to give you reduction in friction and peace of mind when you hit the track.

Another performance choice is the Full Synthetic 0W-40 High Performance Engine Oil that has been made for many European, Japanese and US vehicles that have high performance engines. Group IV Poly-Alpha-Olefin (PAO) and Ester base stocks combined with high performance additives gives the ultimate oil for the relevant modern high performance engines.



As you can see, Nulon have every possible lubricant solution you could need. Spares Box are proud to stock an enormous array of Nulon products, and the brand that flies the flag for Australian excellence will have a massive 20% off all products this weekend. Be sure to check out the full range at the lowest prices, exclusively on the Spares Box website.


Please keep in mind that it’s always wise to check Nulon’s lube guide, and your manufacturer’s handbook, before choosing any oils for your model. If in doubt, our team are happy to help.




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