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Nulon Racing Engine Oil Officially Launches!

By Brad Nash

Wed May 24 2017

Nulon, purveyors of some of the finest engine oil still made in this fine land we call Australia, have finally leapt head-on into the hyper-competitive world of racing engine oil.


The launch of Nulon Racing comes as a huge (and incredibly long-awaited announcement) for many of their most loyal customers, following years of Nulon supporting numerous time attack events, race teams, and of course the Nulon Nationals events.


Of course, this isn’t just any old oil thrown into some fancy new packaging (although the packaging is undoubtedly VERY fancy). Nulon Racing is the passion-project of their Technical Manager, Ian Johnston, who toured the world and studied some of the world’s most prestigious oil manufacturers to help develop the range.


“We have developed this oil to deliver protection with the demands of motorsport front-of-mind. It’s bred for the blacktop. Drift, time attack, drag racing, door-to-door action and the street.”


The result is something that goes so far above and beyond anything previously made in Australia, you’d think it were being made for the world’s most elite race teams. Nulon racing starts with Group IV Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO) and Group V Alkylated Naphthalene (AN) base oil stocks. While most high-end companies, such as Motul with their 300V range, use Ester for their base stocks, Nulon claim that their formulation offers more stress resistance, more kindness to your engine’s seals, and even a boost in the performance of engine additives. These base oils are then enhanced with an anti-wear, anti corrosion additive package that’s optimised for extreme use in race and highly modified street engines..


Nulon racing oils are also non-hydroscopic, meaning they’re able to be used with any E85 fuel on the track or the street, and they come in a wide range of the most popular grades used for circuit racing, time attack, sprint and rally events. This wasn’t a decision made lightly, says Johnston.


“We understand enthusiasts because we are enthusiasts. Through five years of running Nulon Nationals around Australia, sponsoring improved production and supporting a massive assortment of racing vehicles across every go-fast format, we know what racers need.”


As you can see, this is not an oil to be overlooked by any motorsport enthusiast. Built from the ground up to be a certified world beater, Nulon Racing is a truly timely offering from what is already an Australian motoring institution, in an industry where sourcing racing oil is costly and over-exclusive. Only time will tell how popular it becomes amongst Australia’s most avid enthusiasts.

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