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The Benefits of Nulon’s E85 Performance Fuel Treatment

By James Andrew

Wed Dec 02 2015

Its easy for the enthusiast amongst us to forget how new E85 fuel is. It has become commonplace trackside so quickly that we forget it was only 10 years ago AvGas and Motorsport fuels like MS109 were the staple fuel, and Ethanol was something we only heard about on the grapevine.



With the emergence of E85 and its immediate acceptance as a viable motorsport alternative, it created a need for a range of E85 specific products. One of the most critical ones to appear is Nulon’s E85 Performance Fuel Treatment.

In addition to E85’s many benefits such as its incredible resistance to detonation, its Eco friendliness compared to conventional fuels and its relative accessibility to the general public, comes few but critical negatives.

The first is the ability to absorb water from the atmosphere. Fluids of this nature are typically referred to as hydroscopic (brake fluid behaves in a similar way).

The problem with this is that Ethanol can hold (given enough time) 50% of its ethanol content in water, leading to the very real potential of corrosion within your fuel system. Ethanol also has a very short shelf life, decomposing much quicker than a conventional fuel.


Nulon E85 2


Nulons E85 Additive addresses these downfalls, treating up to 100L with just one 300ml bottle. It allows the E85 to last for a far extended time period-up to 12 months, as well as dramatically reducing its ability to absorb water. It really is cheap protection for your track hack, or weekender pride and joy. As most cars running on E85 are not daily driven the benefits of keeping your tank of fuel fresh and stable until the next time you turn the key are immeasurable.

With the Aussie Boffins at Nulon behind the development of this, you can rest assured its going to perform when you need it to. Their many years of development in additives, oils and fluids both on and off the track are evident of their will to see our cars at their absolute peak and their dedication to providing us enthusiasts with the products we need to do what we love most.