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The Outback Car Trek Gets Underway!

By Brad Nash

Tue Jun 06 2017

Charity drives, meet ups and treks are a dime a dozen these days, but few can boast the uniqueness of the Outback Car Trek. An immense voyage over thousands of kilometres of Australian Outback, the 2017 Outback Car Trek has just taken its first steps in the 28th edition of its incredible week-long journey.


So, What is The Outback Car Trek?

Outback Car Trek 1


Well, it’s not quite a rally, it’s not quite a road race, and not quite a simple charity drive either. Designed for older 2WD vehicles specially modified to tackle the trials and tribulations that come with outback driving, the goal is simply to have fun and explore a part of Australia that people rarely get to see. Anyone can enter, too.

The best part? The whole thing is for charity, raising over $25 million for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the 28 years it’s been running.


What does the RFDS Do?

Outback Car Trek 2


We’re sure you’ve heard of the Royal Flying Doctor Service at some point, but few people realise the scale of how they operate. The RFDS monitors an area of 7.13 million Square KMs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the process, they treat over 130,000 seriously ill & injured people in remote areas every year. Patients are either treated with the utmost care on the ground, or flown out to a proper medical centre if required.

The RFDS also provides absolutely vital general GP, nursing and health clinic services that fly in and out to remote communities, and in many places this is the ONLY access to healthcare that these people have.


Where Does the Outback Car Trek Go?

An epic voyage of more than 3500km, the Outback Car Trek snakes its way across outback NSW and queensland, starting in Griffith and finishing up in Port Macquarie. The trek takes 7 days to completely, dropping in at schools, farms and Royal Flying Doctor Service clinics along the way. Stops take place in important regional centres like Lighting Ridge, Armidale and Hungerford.


How Can I Get Involved?

Outback Car Trek 3


The beauty of the trek is that it gives just about anyone the opportunity to go on an epic road trip and get your hands dirty for a good cause. Whether you want to enter your daily drive or source a project car to take the trek on, as long as it’s got a bit of heritage, a few spares and 2-wheel-drive, it’s good to go. Anyone can enter, raise money for another car or donate directly to help the RFDS carry out the great work that it does.


If you’d like to consider entering or donating towards next year’s Outback Car Trek event, you can do so at