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6 Races that Made Bathurst Legendary

6 Record-Breaking Bathurst Races that Shaped The Great Race

The Bathurst 1000 is truly one of the great races of the world, and each year a new chapter of Australian racing history is written in the form of new winners, dominant victories, nail biting finishes, the establishment of legends and the beginning of promising new careers. As Motorsport Month kicks off and we lead …
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Deadmau5’s ‘Purracan’ has Just Come Up for Sale

Deadmau5 Purracan

Canadian House DJ and noted car enthusiast Joel Zimmermann, AKA Deadmau5, has frequently set word alight in automotive circles over the years, mainly for his habit of using multiple-hundred thousand dollar supercars as tools for either promoting memes or flat out trolling people.   At no time was this more prevalent than when Zimmermann first …
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BMW M Division: 4-cylinders doesn’t cut it

2017-09-22 13_17_43-2017-09-22 11_49_21-BMW-M3-M4-Engine-2.jpg (960×477).png ‎- Photos

BMW have scoffed at the likes of the Mercedes-Benz AMG A45, Ford Focus RS and Audi S3 in declaring that modern, 4-cylinder turbocharged engines won’t be accompanied by an M Division badge anytime soon.   BMW M Division Chief, Frank van Meel, said that today’s 4-cylinder engines aren’t up to par with the performance offered …
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Used iPhone Traded for Porsche Boxster

Steven Ortiz Porsche Boxster

  It’s been seven years since we first came across this story, but as we gathered around the watercooler at Sparesbox HQ and pondered some of our favourite automotive success stories, this one is still a standout.   There are numerous stories floating around the web of audacious traders who have started small and finished …
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The Mitsubishi Evolution Is Back!!

Mitsubishi e evolution

Okay, we tricked you a little bit there.   Mitsubishi have set tongues wagging today with the release of an image and details for an upcoming concept car – titled the e-Evolution.   Of course, you don’t have to be a car expert to know the connotations the Evo name carries along with it, but …
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