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What is E10 Fuel? The Definitive E10 Fact Sheet

Do you put E10 in your car (it’s always cheapest, after all), but you’re not completely sure how it is any different to unleaded fuel?   Let’s go through some E10 fuel facts and figure out exactly what is e10 fuel and if it is the best juice for your car.   What is e10 …
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How to Lower Your Ongoing Car Maintenance Costs

A car is one of the biggest purchases that most of us will make in our lifetime. In addition to this, maintaining a car is our third largest household expense, according to the ABS Household Expenditure Survey. This means that owning a car can add up to a big expense for many Aussies. However, there …
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Plazmaman: Big Power, Bigger Performance

Nothing is cooler than a high-end cooling system (seriously, though), especially when parts made right here in Australia can achieve the best Turbo Intercooler performance worldwide. Say hello to Plazmaman.   You may know that the Sparesbox team are a little bit over-the-top-excited when it comes to shiny new street and race car gear, and …
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5 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter

When thinking of an Australian winter, extreme conditions don’t usually come to mind, I guess that’s a perk of living in a sub-tropical climate – this does however come with an element of unpredictability.

Leasing vs. Buying a Car — Which is Best?

With so many makes and models to choose from, if you’re in the market for a car you already have a load of options to consider. Yet, you might find yourself undecided on the ultimate question: Leasing vs. Buying a Car — Which is Best?   The answer will not be the same for everyone …
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Is Suzuki’s New Hot Hatch Worth It?

Suzuki has been delving in the hot hatch game for a couple of years now and have proven their success. Now coming to the party in the coming months is the new 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport ‘Red Devil’ edition and it has us excited.

5 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance. Every driver has to have at least some form of it, and with 17,158,195 registered cars in Australia, that’s a lot of insurance policies. And realistically, not many of us can be bothered to do the research in order to cut costs. However, car insurance can be extremely expensive – thousands of dollars …
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6 Tips to Reduce Your Fuel Bill

It feels like cheap fuel prices are a thing of the past and your car’s fuel consumption is at its peak… making you dread the next trip to the servo.   If this sounds like your mindset, don’t worry – the Sparesbox team can help with these 6 handy tips to increase your fuel economy and …
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