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Bathurst 12 Hour, everything you need to know

The Bathurst 12 Hour (currently sponsored by Liqui-Moly) was first held in 1991 for Series Production cars and moved to Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway in 1995 before being discontinued. The Bathurst 12 Hour was successfully revived in 2007 as part of the Bathurst Motorsport Festival. In 2011, GT3-specification cars were allowed into the 12-hour race …
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Beginners Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour

Guide to Watching the Bathurst 12 Hour

As the name suggests, the Bathurst 12-Hour is an endurance motorsport racing event that lasts for… you guessed it, twelve hours. In other words, you’re getting the square root of bugger all done once you park yourself on the couch for Australia’s most exotic motorsport event. Which means that watching the Bathurst 12-Hour (sponsored by …
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A Crash Course on the Best of the Best

Top 6 Bathurst 12 Hour Crashes

Known across the length and breadth of Australia as the thinking man’s endurance race, the Bathurst 12 Hour is gaining more and more attention worldwide for its cosmopolitan spirit and its pursuit of quality. A chance for the Aussie public to absorb some of the best motorsports has to offer, renowned machines and celebrated drivers …
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Join us as we rank our favourite Bathurst 12 Hour finishes

Top 7 Bathurst 12 Hour Finishes

Bathurst 12 Hour

Fans of endurance racing will often tell you that the finish of a race such as the Bathurst 12 Hour will be one of two things: a total blowout or incredibly nail biting. Since it’s revamp in 2011, the Bathurst 12 Hour has had both. So, without further ado, let’s count down the top 7 …
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