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The Who’s Who of Braking Companies

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Brake pads: small, surprisingly heavy pieces of rough material that rub against your brake disc rotors, making everything very hot and in the middle of all of that, your car comes to a stop. At a first glance, it very nearly seems that simple. Then, you start to look into them because you need to know …
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8 Simple Ways to Increase the Life of your Car


Cars, whether new or old, are fickle things. They’re made up of lots of components, some of which are pretty delicate, some of which require massively bad luck to break. You may think that as long as you’re not driving into things, then there’s no reason for anything in your car to go haywire. You’re a careful …
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The Brands Behind Spares Box: SuperPro

The Brands Behind Spares Box- SuperPro

We’re proud to present the first in a great series of Spares Box Supplier interviews, where we can share the fascinating history of some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. This week, we feature one of Australia’s own success stories, SuperPro. Through innovative advances and the best local production, SuperPro have established themselves as a …
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Refreshing your Brake Disc Rotors

Refreshing your Brake Disc Rotors

Having properly functioning brake disc rotors is key to making sure you’re getting the friction you need to stop safely and effectively on the road. Brake disc rotors are essentially the discs that spin with the wheel while you’re driving. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads compress upon the disc rotor, generating …
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DIY: How to Change your Oil Filter


The oil change is one of the most basic and universal steps in any car service. While it’s not all that expensive, it always pays to have the power over what you’re putting in your car, and if you have the time and the patience, it’s always rewarding to do a little bit of DIY. Spares Box …
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Product Review: Hella Uniform Spotlight

Product Review- Hella Uniform Spotlight

When I think of the name Hella, I generally think of 80’s rally cars tearing through a mountainside stage in Monte-Carlo.  Such is their prestige and respect in the automotive world, for a number of decades they’ve been pretty much as close you can get to a household name as it’s possible for a vehicle …
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