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Push, Pull, Done and Dusted

DIY: How to Change your Wiper Blades


  Here at Spares Box, we’ve decided to cut out all of the complexity that comes with basic bits of car maintenance. With most modern cars, many things that look complicated are actually as simple as the push of a button or unscrewing a couple of bolts.   We feel it’s our duty to give you …
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How to find your VIN Number

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If you ever talk to one of our delightfully friendly support team (or any other part supplier) about something a little more complex, you might find yourself being asked for your VIN number. If you have no idea what a VIN number is, or how to find it, you’ve come to the right place.   …
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How to Reduce Turbo Lag


When it comes to giving your vehicle that extra kick to get it off the line, the first thing most people think of is a fat ol’ turbocharger.     More and more mainstream vehicles are coming standard with turbochargers for increased efficiency and power, as they’re really the best option for directly increasing the …
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