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1 More Sleep Until Click Frenzy Arrives!

The lights are ready go out and the green flag is about to wave on Click Frenzy! We’ve saved our best deals for last, offering a massive 20% off our amazing range of car care products! To check out all our 15% discounts, click here! For our 10% off offers, check out this article for …
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Fire up! Click Frenzy is just 2 days away

Yesterday, we decided to wet your appetites with a snippet of just some of our savings that we’re offering as a part of Click Frenzy. Now, with just 48 hours to go until the big event, we’re going one up on yesterday and offering 15% off some of our finest products!  


3 Days until Click Frenzy is here!

Click frenzy is just 3 days away, and we’re gearing up in anticipation of Australia’s biggest online sales event. Just to get those fingers clicking and those motors running, here’s just a select few of some of our amazing Click Frenzy savings that are gonna be made available to you for 24 hours only!  

7 Modification Horror Scenes this Friday 13th

There’s a distinctly creepy vibe and a certain heaviness in the air that comes when you realise it’s Friday the 13th, and we think it could be attributed by the truly gruesome fumes coming out of some of the most awfully modified cars of all time. We’ve trawled through the internet to bring you the best …
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The Importance of lubricating your Car

Few things are worse than driving your pride and joy on a lovely afternoon only to quickly find yourself on the side of the road unexpectedly. Unfortunately, this was my reality last weekend and instead of enjoying my drive, I got to sit on the side of the road for 40 minutes and fork out cash …
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What do Slave & Master Cylinders do?

Slave Cylinders and Master Cylinders are hydraulic components typically found in the clutch and brake systems, They come in many shapes and sizes although all almost exclusively serve the one purpose. That is to transfer the physical motion created by the driver upon the clutch and brake pedals, to the components they operate The master …
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