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Why do I need to change my Timing Belt?

Timing Belts Explained   The Timing Belt is one of the most critical engine components that gets serviced regularly. Everything in the car relies on the timing belt as it makes sure everything operates in harmony and synchronisation. The role of the timing below is to time when the valves are opened to let in fuel and …
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How do Brake Shoes Work?

Brake Shoes

Brake Shoes Explained   Brake Shoes are a major component of the Drum Brake System, one of the earliest braking systems to appear in automobiles. A Drum Brake is simply a large metal barrel or “Drum” that rotates with the wheel as part of the hub assembly. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, hydraulic …
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5 of Australia’s Best Long Weekend Road Trips

Sydney to Kangaroo Valley, NSW     Just as accessible for a day trip as it is for a weekend, Kangaroo Valley (and the rest of the Southern Highlands for that matter) is a truly underrated gem to drive through. For additional road trip pleasure, head down the Grand Pacific Drive to get to Wollongong, passing through …
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How Does Car Air Conditioning Work?

Contrary to popular belief, your car air conditioning’s ability to generate Arctic Winds in seconds is neither witchcraft nor bending the laws of nature. Think of your air conditioning system as a cycle, which works using a type of gas known as refrigerant. This gas is able to be heated up, condensed and compressed very quickly, and travels …
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How does Octane Booster work?

Octane Boosters simply raise the RON (Research Octane Number) of the fuel.   A conventional petrol engine relies on its ability to compress an air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, to be ignited by the spark plugs at a very precise moment. Basic physics will tell you that the compression of the air/fuel mixture creates heat as …
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