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Preparing for the 2016 Great Escape

Like many automotive enthusiasts, we have varying reasons for getting involved in Motorsport. For most, its the simple enjoyment of the sport. Some relish in building a car more capable than the competition. However, for Leon Down and his good mate Andrew (not to be confused with Spares Box very own Leon and Andrew), the reason is far …
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Wheel Alignment Explained

What does Wheel Alignment mean for your Vehicle?   A vehicles “Wheel Alignment” simply refers to the position of the wheels in relation to each other and the body of the car. Like a shopping cart with a wheel that won’t straighten, if your wheels aren’t “true” to each other, your car will likely not steer …
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The New Four Door King of the ‘Ring

Lap times at the Nurburgring have long been the yardstick for which performance cars are measured. It’s a biased yardstick, given that not every performance car on the market is designed for tracks such as the Nurburgring, but that doesn’t stop manufacturers from belting their latest creations around it in the hope of one-upping the …
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