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How to Choose Your Perfect 4×4 Lift Kit: Commercial Use

How to Choose Your Perfect 4×4 Lift Kit- Commercial Use

Many modern 4×4’s are made to be just as much for family use as they are for towing or carrying heavy loads. This means that a sacrifice has been made on towing capacity and load-carrying in the name of ride comfort, leaving your 4×4 without the means to effectively haul like it should. Thankfully, many lift kit manufacturers have seen …
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How do I know when my Brake Pads need replacing?

Brake pads have a wear indicator on them, which indicate that they’re wearing too thin to be safely used anymore. As the material on the brake pad slowly wears down, this indicator gradually becomes more exposed. When the brakes are applied, the indicator squeals against the brake disc rotor, creating the squeaky brakes most people …
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How Does a Turbo Actually Work?

Basically, a turbocharger (or turbo) works by using the exhaust gases produced during combustion to spin a turbine. This turbine is attached to another one on the intake side which increases air flow to the engine. This increased flow of both fuel and air means an increased power output.

Why are Brake Pads for European Cars Different?

European-made brake pads (and brake pads made for all European cars) have to meet certain performance requirements as decreed by the EU Government. In short, they should not differentiate from the OEM counterpart by any more than 15%. As such, they generally have a higher friction co-efficient than other brake pads, meaning superior stopping power …
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