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How do Radiators Work?

As engine coolant cycles through your engine, it heats up as it dissipates and absorbs the heat from the engine to help cool it down. After travelling out of the engine, it enters your radiator to cool back down and lose head to the atmosphere, being pushed through a series of pipes which are kept cool …
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What Different Spring Types Do?

When it comes to choosing your springs, it’s often a trade off between comfort and performance. Grabbing the right set of springs for your vehicle can greatly increase your driving pleasure, and it’s great to know what types do what when it comes to choosing your ride height.   Standard/Heavy Duty Standard Springs     …
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Springs or Coilovers?


When it comes to focusing on performance and achieving optimal handling, suspension is one of the first things any car enthusiast tends to look at. Lowering your ride can result in better, sharper cornering and a more responsive feel for the road, as well as that imposing look many car modifiers love to achieve. Achieving …
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What do Glow Plugs do?

Instead of using spark plugs to ignite the fuel in a petrol engine, a diesel-powered engine actually relies on the high flash point of diesel itself to provide combustion. This means that once the diesel gets compressed to a certain point in a hot engine, it ignites of its own accord. The upside of this is that it doesn’t need …
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What do Spark Plugs do?

An internal combustion engine requires the injection of three ingredients into the combustion chamber to operate: air, fuel and spark. The provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture, igniting the combustion that drives an engine.

What do ‘OE’ and ‘OEM’ Mean?

When a car rolls off the production line, the parts going into it need to meet a certain standard of quality, performance and reliability to ensure the best driving experience for the buyer. OE (or original equipment) refers to the parts put into a new car, where as OEM means the manufacturer of these parts, …
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What’s the Difference Between a Regular Cabin Air Filter and a Carbon Activated Filter?

There are two kinds of filters that can provide clean air to your vehicle’s cabin to keep you and your passengers save. Conventional cabin air filters will separate harmful particles from the air going into the cabin, extracting things like pollen, fungus, dirt & dust, bacteria and soot. Carbon-activated cabin air filters add an additional …
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