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How do I Clean and Maintain My Tyres?

To clean your wheels and tyres effectively, use a wheel cleaning brush with a gentle wheel cleaner to initially prepare the tyres and rims. Rinse off with a strong flow of water, and allow to dry naturally. After this, use a good tyre dressing and use according to the instructions to achieve your desired finish.

Why Should I Use pH-Neutral Car Wash?

A neutral substance has a pH level of 7, this means its neither acidic nor alkaline. Using a pH-neutral car wash ensures the product still removes all the dirt and grime from the surface of your car whilst still being gentle enough not to strip wax or cause premature ageing to your paintwork.

How do I Clean My Windscreen Wipers?

Imagine wiping a dirty surface over and over again with the same rag. That’s essentially what wipers do and as you can imagine, it’s incredibly important to keep them clean. Using Autoglym Car Glass Polish is an awesome way to remove all the dirt from your blades to keep them cleaning like they should. Simply apply a …
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Buff Your Way to Greatness

How do I Repair Scratches in My Paintwork?

There are 4 levels that make up the paintwork of your car. Deeper scratches can penetrate these levels, requiring more work and different products, so be sure to consult with a car care expert to know what your best course of action.     Level 1 – Everyday use, along with all the dust and grit …
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