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The Gear: Go Further (and Faster) with Mach 2 by GFB

The Gear- Go Further (and Faster) with Mach 2 by GFB

If you’re into your motors, you’re probably into your mods – and when it comes to spending time and money on those modifications, getting the best performance for your efforts is most likely pinnacle.   Proud Aussie automotive specialists GFB (a.k.a. GO FASTER BITS) know a few things about getting the most from your motor, …
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Who is Spares Box?

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.57.39 pm

Who is Spares Box?   Spares Box is an Australian owned and run online automotive company that specialises in selling a wide variety of car parts to all Aussies right in the comfort of their home, whether that be their office, lounge or garage. Spares Box’s unique and new service allows for the delivery of …
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5 Big Myths About Filters


When it comes to motoring, there are lots of people out there who are just dying to sell you a whole load of smoke and mirrors. That said, there is one piece of advice you can count on: it is essential to make sure you prioritise the quality and care of your filters.   And …
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Disc Brakes Australia: Quality You Can Count On

DBA Enshield

In the fast and furious world of motor racing, the ability to brake safely and efficiently is absolutely essential.   As one of country’s premier supplier of disc brakes, Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) base their reputation on crafting a solid range of superior products that people can rely on, and although they specialise in helping …
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K&N Air Filters: Products to Make Your Engine Sing

K&N Air Filters- Products to Make Your Engine Sing

When it comes to air filters, K&N Engineering know a thing or two.   Founded in Riverside California by Ken Johnson and Norman McDonald (K&N), this dynamic outfit began as a supplier of motorcycle parts, and a factory race team supporter, before migrating into the world of high-performance air filtration systems.   K&N used their …
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