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How Does Airbag Suspension Work?


Suspension Airbags are essentially small, very high pressure, very tough balloons. They’re generally made up of either polyurethane or heavy duty rubber to withstand incredible weight, pressure and the forces exerted upon them at high speed. They come in systems to either assist your existing conventional springs, or replace them altogether, with the air inside …
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How to choose the right Airbags for your Vehicle

Finding the right balance between comfort, handling and off-road performance is key to picking your perfect suspension set-up. Airbag suspension is designed to meet many of the requirements of those looking for an upgrade in either comfort or towing capacity, and Spares Box is here to guide you through the different set ups available, thanks …
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Coils or Airbags?

Suspension can be a tricky thing, and just like with keeping your car stable on the road, finding the perfect balance is key. Suspension systems present a constant trade-off between ride quality, on-road handling and off-road performance, so if you’re looking to upgrade your stock system, finding the perfect suspension for your needs is incredibly …
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How Can I Tell The Engine Size of My Vehicle?

Many people see terms like “A 1.5L Engine” and get confused about what it actually means. The “L” (or sometimes CC) is essentially the amount of liquid that would be moved by the total pistons of a particular engine from the bottom of their combined strokes to the top. To get an idea of the …
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How Much Load Can I Carry?

Every vehicle has a gross vehicle mass (GMV) rating, which basically indicates how much load it can safely carry. Minus the amount your vehicle weighs without a load from the gross vehicle mass rating, and that should be your limit every time. Installing tougher, heavier duty suspension can help deal with more mass and more …
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What do Shock Absorbers Do?

Shock Absorbers serve three main purposes. They act as one of the main joints that keep your vehicle’s wheels firmly planted on the ground, they control the movement of the other parts of your suspension, and they convert kinetic energy into heat. This kinetic energy hits the vehicle when one of its wheels travels over a …
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What’s the Difference Between Wax & Polish?

The easiest way to discern between car polish and car wax is to think of them as steps in a 1, 2, 3 process. After washing your car, polish is applied. Polish is a mild abrasive which essentially buffs off a very thin layer of paint without scratching it. This removes any imperfections, small marks …
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