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Autoglym - Premium British Car Care is here

By Brad Nash

Fri May 15 2015

The first car magazine I ever bought was when I was 13. It was typical of the reading material of a pre-teen who had just seen The Fast and the Furious for the first time: full of cars with far too much bodywork and full of girls with far too little clothing. However, shining like a beacon of class and dignity amongst these pages was an ad for Autoglym. Even then, I could tell that they were a cut above the rest (no pun intended).

 Since their founding in 1965, that’s really what they’ve been: a company striving for the highest standards in car care products, trusted by car enthusiasts from every day hobbyists all the way up to the Royal Family themselves. By choosing Autoglym, you’re buying into a name that’s revered by all, and you know that every piece of their range is designed specifically to give your car the best possible treatment it could get. By choosing Autoglym, you’re getting the name that really has set the benchmark worldwide for car care products since well before you could nip down to your local K-Mart and buy a bucket of Turtle Wax.

 All bases are covered, from simple washes and waxes to finer detailing products for all areas of your car. Everything is formulated to provide the perfect finish, worthy of the showrooms and garages of the absolute highest classes. Everyone knows the Royals don’t mess around when it comes to their vehicles, and even though it might not be a Bentley that you’re taking the Autoglym to, you shouldn’t muck about either. Choose a name you can trust.

 You can check out the entire Autoglym range at the best prices in our online store, including their industry-leading car polish products.