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Product Overview: LIQUI-MOLY MoS2 Friction Reducer

By Brad Nash

Sat Jan 30 2016

LIQUI-MOLY’s MoS2 Friction Reducer is truly the product that kicked off the LIQUI-MOLY success story 50 years ago. Tried and tested over the years in all vehicles, and one of the most trusted additives to hit the market, MoS2 Friction Reducer is the ultimate solution for reducing the wear and friction in your engine that your oil doesn’t quite prevent day to day. But how exactly does it accomplish this?


First of all, what is MoS2 and what does it do?

Individual can of LIQUI MOLY MoS2 Friction Reducer


MoS2 is Molybdenum-Disulfide, a compound that is created artificially and one that has found tremendous success as a lubricant over the years. With it’s incredibly low friction properties and low reactivity to other elements, heat and extreme temperatures, MoS2 quickly became a popular choice for people looking to maintain their engines, interestingly starting off as an additive preferred for use in plane engines in the event of a loss in oil pressure.

However, MoS2 in it’s natural form comes as a solid, something that’s not exactly practical for use when trying to maintain your vehicle. This is where LIQUI-MOLY came in in 1957, producing and patenting the world’s first liquid Molybdenum-Disulfide formula for use as an additive, hence the name LIQUI-MOLY.

Essentially, MoS2 works by bonding to the rough surfaces of your engine, smoothing out the small imperfections that exist within your engine as a result of every day wear and tear. This dramatically reduces the tension and friction that can occur within your engine as it runs for kilometre after kilometre, saving it from damage.


What does MoS2 add to my standard Engine Oil?

LIQUI-MOLY MoS2 Friction Reducer on Shelf


While engine oil also has this job, MoS2 adds a whole new element of protection to conventional engine oils, unless of course you’ve purchased an engine oil that contains MoS2 as part of it’s formulation! It’s simply another layer of advanced protection for your engine, doing an incredible job of decreasing wear and fuel consumption while maximising it’s life, efficiency and performance.

This is particularly true when it comes to high-load, high torque situations.


What cars can I use MoS2 Friction Reducer in?



Any! One of the true beauties of LIQUI-MOLY MoS2 Friction Reducer is that it can be added to any engine oil in any engine. It’s versatility and effectiveness at friction reduction makes it suitable for use in high torque towing conditions for working vehicles, the full throttle driving that comes on the highway on the race track, or the varying demands of day to day driving. It’s also safe for use with any fuel, making it the perfect way to ensure your engine is maximising both it’s life and it’s performance.


Featured Image: LIQUI-MOLY