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Proven Ways to Improve Road Safety in Wet Weather

By Peter Mackinnon

Tue Feb 23 2016

The only predictable thing about the Australian weather is how unpredictable it is. Offering four seasons in one day, Australia is the king of changeable weather. And while Australia should be proud of its kingship, when it’s bone dry one minute and wet the next, and full-on tropical storm mode the next, it can cause big problems. Spares Box is proud to provide Australians with automotive parts, and we consider the safety of our customers to be essential, so we have prepared some tips guaranteed to keep you from slipping up on the road.

Slippery When Wet


Top Tips To Avoid Slips

To be polite, there are some less than attentive drivers out there. While it is essential to account for anything unexpected from your fellow motorists, it is vital to do your bit too. Australian rain can be seriously heavy – and often it is – which makes visibility an issue. Keep things easy for those around you by simply turning your lights on, whether it’s day or night. Making your vehicle as visible as possible eliminates a lot of possible problems.

Second up – slow down. Do this and you are immediately improving safety for you and those around you. On the road, wet means hazardous, and regardless of how good you are behind the wheel, a slippery surface is an erratic one. Rainfall mixes with the oils already on the road’s surface, so braking takes a lot longer in the rain. This means that when it’s bucketing down, reacting to the driving of others is even more trying than usual. In fact, it is often best to only brake if completely necessary in wet conditions – when possible, slow down by removing your foot from the accelerator.

Just as important – tailgating. Don’t do it. While you need to keep your speed down, it’s equally vital to maintain a safe distance from fellow motorists. Always assure that there is ample distance between you and the car in front, allowing you to react safely to any surprise stops without skidding. While keeping a safe distance, it is also a good idea to follow in the tracks of those in front – quite simply, if you’re covering the same ground as those ahead of you, there will be less water for your tyres to tackle.

Speaking of tyres – check them. Your tyres need decent tread depth and air pressure or they won’t be suitable for, well, very much at all. Check tire tread regularly, as bald tyres cannot provide traction. Without tread, without traction, the water you drive over has nowhere to go, so you essentially float on it. You don’t want that – you’re not a captain, at least not today. This is called hydroplaning, but you just need to know that you can avoid it by keeping an eye on the state of your tyres. As for air pressure, stick to the level suggested on your manufacturer’s manual.


Prudent Wet Weather Purchases

Now that we know how considerate and cautious a driver you are while you’re on the road, Spares Box can offer you a couple of products that are certainly worth considering before even getting into your car. Negotiate the watery ways with these handy, proven safety measures.

Unquestionably, wiper blades should deliver a smooth, streak-free stroke every time. If your wiper blades are in bad condition, they cannot perform to that level. What this means is that if your wipers struggle to clear the raindrops, you’re putting your safety at risk every time you get caught in the rain, which is pretty inconvenient! At Spares Box, we advise changing your wipers at least once a year, which will ensure your view is never distorted. We offer brand-name wiper blades, all of which are easily fitted, providing a practical, reliable and hassle-free investment that promises increased safety for you and those around you. BOSCH and Tridon offer the best in the wiper blade market – check them out.

Sticking with your windscreen, while it is always a good idea to regularly change your wiper blades, it’s equally important to keep your sightline clear by investing in some windscreen and glass wash. In wet conditions especially, you are going to be up against splashes from the back of trucks, buses and other large vehicles – and they’ll lob all sorts of watery grime at you. Again it’s a pretty simple precaution, but removing any dirt that you encounter is a sure-fire way of evading a lot of potential problems. Make sure your wiper tank is always full with our cost-effective Autoglym Windscreen and Glass Wash.


We at Spares Box advise combining these affordable purchases with our cautious driving tips proven to keep you dry all year round. Stick to these for plain sailing!