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How to quickly remove Bird Droppings off your Clean Car

By Brad Nash

Fri Sep 25 2015

You look at your car and smile after a hard few hours. A soft breeze blows through the air, while the sunshine finally emerges from the clouds after conveniently hiding itself for the afternoon. Illuminated in all it’s glory, is your car. Every sunbeam seems to bounce off it’s newly immaculate paintwork, freshly washed to achieve a level of purity beyond that of even the most expensive Artesian Waters. Buffed to a lasting shine with your favourite polish and protected with the finest wax, your car now sparkles in the sun like the lakes you used to swim in many hazy summers ago.

Bird Droppings
Stamped, dispatched and on it’s way. Destination: your bonnet.


A couple of days later, you walk out of your house and into the driveway. You smile once again as your car continues to reflect the sky and the trees, now distinctly grey under a heavy cloud. You start to notice an uneasy stillness looming in the air. You feel like something isn’t quite right. Thunder rumbles ominously in the distance as you cross to the driver’s side, and then you see it. Running down the door of your otherwise stunning vehicle, apparently defying all laws of physics and nature, is the disgusting green sludge that can only be produced by a bird or a bat with a laser-guided aim. You look up to the heavens and yell at the anonymous avian vandal, as the first lightning bolt claps overhead, and the heavens begin to open.

A hard day’s work gone to waste right? No more. Neither the most mischievous Minor Birds or the most irritating Ibis will stand in the way of the car owner anymore, and cleaning bird droppings off your car has actually never been simpler. For those of you who simply accept your fate, the time has come for you to stand up for yourself against the airborne assailants. Bird Droppings are actually acidic, and leaving them sitting on your paintwork can cause far more lasting damage to your pristine finish than you’d think. If you’re ever parked under a fruit tree, take extra care for bat guano. It’s incredibly acidic and can wreck your paint faster than you can say “Gotham City”.


The Solution: Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes

Tackle the job with with Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes. Storing conveniently in your glovebox for quick removal of a mucky job, using them is as simple as applying the wipe, leaving the bird droppings to soften (ew.) and wiping away to leave the perfect finish you slaved so hard to achieve.