Tackle the Warmer Months With Ease, From the Beach to the Bush

5 Tips for Summer-Proofing your Car


Summer; cruising down coastal roads, sea breeze blowing through your hair, afternoon rays warming your skin and a smooth, carefree drive to your favourite seaside lodge. That’s the dream right?   Unfortunately, if you’re anything like the rest of us, your summer commute looks and feels a little more like this: a scorching 34 degree …
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3 Amazing Scenic Roots Outside of Melbourne, Victoria

The Best Scenic Drives in Melbourne


Scenic drives are always a great way to wind down the weekend and get your car out for a decent drive. We’ve got a small list together of three of the best places you can drive to outside of Melbourne.   1. The Black Spur In between Healsville and Marysville, 60km North East of Melbourne, it’ll …
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Get Your Claws Into the Real Oz

Australia Day: The Best Road Trips

Australia Day- The Best Road Trips

Australia Day brings a time to appreciate the nation’s unique landscape by hitting the road and not looking back. Born and bred in Scotland, I haven’t had many opportunities to indulge in the classic road trip – it’s a pretty small place. Being in the vast Australian landscape though, you have the choice to do it …
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