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Fresh Rubber for the Sparesbox Peugeot 205

By James Andrew

Fri Sep 11 2015

This week was a busy one at Spares Box with all manner of things happening to Managing Director Leon’s Peugeot 205 GTi.


One of the biggest changes made was a set of lightweight Team Dynamics 15″ wheels and some “bubblegum-to-sidewalk” spec R-compound Toyo R888Rs.


Toyo R888R side view


Upon fitting them we noticed that the tyre design was not only directional, but asymmetrical as well. Implying that, not only should there be an inside and outside on the tyre, but a Left and Right also. A quick Google search showed nothing, but many people had many the same observation, though no one had any definitive verdict on the matter. Naturally this didn’t sit comfortably with us and Toyo Tires was contacted for some clarification.


Toyo R888R rear view


Toyo Tires were very helpful, and advised us that unlike most tyres with a similar pattern, the new R888Rs are designed to work despite the asymmetrical pattern. The inside and outside is clearly marked and must be abided by, however non-directional. Good news for us as we can rotate the tyres now and get all we can from them.


Toyo R888R full shot