The new range of Rupes machine polishers takes the stress out of detailing your car! With both a 15mm random orbital polisher and the bigger brother, the 21mm option – Rupes has a polisher kit to suit you, no matter your need!



What Will Your Rupes Kit Come With?

In these kits you will find all the essentials required to get the job done, including

  1. Machine polisher (21mm or 15mm)
  2. Medium polish
  3. Medium pad
  4. Fine polish
  5. Fine pad
  6. Pad cleaning tool
  7. Microfibre cloths



How To Get Started With Rupes!


When first using the tool, the best practice is to start buffing with the finest pad and compound combination, then after doing a small test spot you can decide on whether you need a more aggressive pad or compound. This will mean you start off with every chance of achieving the perfect finish!


1. To start off, locate your pad on the machine by using the locating hole at the centre of the pad.


2. When using a pad for the first time, we need to prime it, which requires 4 pea sized dots spaced evenly around the pad.


3. Turn the speed down to 2 on the dial and run the machine in 1 spot for around 20 seconds. The pad is now ready for use.


4. Now to start polishing, you need to add 2 pea sized drops of compound to the pad, this should be enough compound to do a 40-50 square centimeter area. Increase the speed to 4-6 on the speed dial then start the machine on the panel.


5. Moving with slow arm movements and not extending the machine past your shoulder width, start polishing the panel in a cross hatch pattern for around a minute.


6. It is important that you do not use heavy downward force on the machine, it should be used with light hands.


7. Stop the machine before it leaves the panel, then wipe the excess compound away lightly with a microfibre cloth.


8. Now if you have achieved the result you require, you can finish the rest of the job


9. If you find that the finest combination has not removed the scratches, you can now choose a more aggressive pad or compound until you find a combination that works for you.


10. Step back, and enjoy your immaculate, shiny paintwork!


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